Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What They Need To Live.

I just finished doing a five day challenge on Facebook.  I had to post three positive things every day  for five consecutive days.  It was, for me, an easy challenge.  I have such a blessed life. Family, friends, fairly good health, faith in God.  A safe secure place to live, food to eat and a job that I like. A warm bed to sleep in and a nice house to live in.  Clean clothes and shoes on my feet. I live in a country that is a good country to live in. I am not saying my life is perfect.  I am saying I am very happy and blessed with the life I have.  It is very sad to think of countries where the bare requirements of life are either not available or are almost impossible to get. Clean drinking water, food, soap, warm or cool clothing, shoes, medicine and clean unpolluted air.  These are things that I have every day. Things that I take for granted.  Things I will never have to worry about.  Even if I were to loose my job there are agencies in place to ensure that I survive.  I don't have a lot of disposable income.  As often as I am able, I give money to charities and churches that are trying to help those in poor countries. I donate items to businesses that help raise funds for those in need.  I do what I can to help. If every person would help where and when they can maybe the world would become a more livable place for those who don't have what they need to live.

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