Sunday, August 10, 2014

We'll see who's laughing, won't we?

There is a big black spider that lives under the black garbage pail in my basement.  I believe it is a third or fifth or even  possibly a tenth generation spider.   I KNOW that it's there.  It knows that I know that it's there.  It knows that I have no choice but to go and stand beside that pail to do the laundry.  It likes to give me heart attacks.  It waits for me to bring a load of laundry over to the washer and then it  rushes out and back again.  It slides back behind the black pail while I stand trembling and gasping for breath and saying words that I should not be saying.  I have no doubt that that little, I mean big, spider is  laying there on it's back, with legs waving while laughing hysterically at what it's done to me yet once again.  But not to worry.  It is almost time.  Sooner or later it will die. Just like it's predecessors,  it will curl up and die.  Poor spider!  NOT!!!  So go ahead and laugh to your hearts content spider.   Cause your time is coming.  I wait for the day  You will be gone and I will still be here.   Then we will see who's laughing won't we?


Laurie said...

I've been gone for some time Lois, it's good to see you back here! I can't quit laughing at this! We have yearly spiders that have webs at the side door, we duck under them! Ken even names the spiders. Only place I don't want them is in my bedroom! He'll be gone soon though Lois, won't you miss him or her!?

Lois said...

Thanks for stopping by Laurie. No I will not miss the spider. I am truly terrified by them. The bigger they are the more I freeze up. Ugh!