Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Irish Blessing.

Hubby John is wearing the green today.....that is to say he's not feeling well at all....he still has "THE BUG". He is slowly getting better but I think he has a ways to go before he is in the pink.
With this being St. Patrick's Day and me having Irish in my blood (both Mother & Father's side) how could I not celebrate with a bit of green humour? I must admit that I stole this joke from the Bonnie Hunt Show and Bonnie's lovely mother Alice. And so, without further ado and a bit of added flourish from me, here it is:
Paddy O'Brien was showing his best friend, Riley O'Neil , the ring he had bought for his hopefully, soon to be fiance, Margaret.
"Would you be looking at this beautiful emerald diamond I bought for my wee lassie. She'll no be turning me down this time I'm thinking!
Reilly, looked at the ring but only saw a cheap piece of clear glass bling.
He turned to Paddy and asked,"Paddy, are ye daft man? Tis not an emerald's not green!"
With a smile and a knowing wink Paddy replied, "Ach, give it time boyo and it will be".
Stop Groaning!!!! It wasn't that bad....really! Well maybe it was....LOL!
So OK, I shouldn't tell ethnic jokes because it is in bad form and all that......but really, if you can't laugh at yourself then why shouldn't you laugh at someone else....What??!!??...Naw....I'm just kidding!!! Really!!! However as today is a special day and because my great great grandparents came from across the big pond, I wanted to leave you with a bit of the green. This Irish blessing is one I came across years ago. I use it when giving house warming gifts for friends and family who have bought new or have moved into another home.
I hope you like it as much as I do and I wish it for each one of you.
God bless the corners of this house and all the lintel blessed,
And bless the hearth and bless the board and bless each place of rest,
And bless each door that opens wide to strangers as to kin,
And bless each crystal window pane that lets the starlight in,
And bless the rooftree overhead and every sturdy wall.
The peace of man. The peace of God. With peace and love for all.



Funny joke!

Here's another Irish groaner for you. hee hee

What's wrong with Murphy?' asked Father Green. 'I don't know, Father. Yesterday he swallowed a spoon and he hasn't stirred since,' said Mrs Murphy.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahahahaha, a bit of laughter is the BEST medicine! My back is feeling much better, thank you. I hope your fine husband is feeling better by now, too.

I've been reading a lot of Irish blessings this week. My, what a great group of people to always be counting their blessings!


Laurie said...

I hope your hubby is feeling better Lois, and that you don't catch his bug! I guess I'm daft, I keep reading the joke and I don't get it! But the blessing is beautiful, I'll have to steal it for an upcoming wedding.