Monday, March 15, 2010

Just in case I forget.

Some days I surprise myself with the simple act of remembering not only my name but what I had for breakfast......yesterday. What did I have yesterday for brekkie? Hmmm...let me see....Hubby John made the food and my Cutie Patootie Neve and I ate what was it???? Oh yes, I remember. Eggs over easy, bacon, brown toast with apple jelly and milk. was very good. One of the nice things about having Cutie Patootie sleep over is that when it comes to food, she doesn't like bread crusts but I I get hers...WHAT???!!!??? Oh... it's only a few doesn't hurt her not to have to eat them....and besides Cutie Patootie pretty much rules the roost over at our place. No food is wasted and everyone is happy. My mother, who turned 80 in February, has never, to my knowledge, eaten bread crusts. It didn't do her any harm,. She's normal....well as normal as my mother can there you go! Crusts are optional at Grams and Papa's house. However, I digress. I started this post stating that my memory, or lack of, sometimes surprises me. Some days it is really bad and that's when things get put where they shouldn't. But it's all good. Mostly everything gets found....sooner or later. The voices in my head will eventually remind me of where I put that bag of milk....check the fridge freezer....yup, it's there. LOL!
Carolyn, who is Sarah's (my daughter by marriage) mother and a lady who I think of as a good friend, has a Game Boy(or whatever it is) that has a Brain and Memory Tester game. She plays this game everyday for 15 minutes or so and swears that her memory has improved. I always thought that was a good thing to do, but since I don't have the money for the game I have done without.....UNTIL TODAY!
Well anyway, Carolyn sent me an email about going onto a site to enable companies to donate free kibble to another site for animal shelters across the USA. Even thought it does not benefit Canadian shelters I will support sites and programs that can help anyone or anything that is needful. This was a free site and would only take a few minutes of my time so off I went. Well, of course,while I was there I got sidetracked because I just had to check out the various tabs. While doing so I came across a program of brain food games that is free for all to use. How great is that??!!?? I get to do something for myself and it's free too! My thrifty side was very pleased.
So when you have a few minutes and want to do something good for yourself go and enlighten your brain cells. The site is called Care2..make a difference and there are all sorts of things to read about. Like...did you know that if you run a metal hanger down pant legs (turn the pants inside out first) it will get rid of static cling? just did your brain some good. You learned something new! Anyway, go over to the site, click on the Health and Wellness tab on the left side, then click on the "5 Ways To Boost Your Memory " and scroll down to number 5. There on the second paragraph (the "Work Your Mind" sentence) you just click on "these online exercises" and get started on your brain food. Now don't worry! It really is brain exercises not body exercises. OH NO!!!!! I don't mean to scare you with the "E" word! It's OK! It won't hurt you and you won't get sweaty. I'm sorry.....I didn't mean to bring on a heart attack or anything like that! calm......think sunny thoughts....breath deeply...that's's OK........think yoga thoughts......breath in....breath out....breath in....breath out.......Are you OK? That's good! So, now that I have averted any possible heart attacks, allergy attacks or panic attacks, I just wanted to let everyone know that I did go over there and I did do some brain exercise and I had fun!
Oh.....and I also bookmarked the site..........just in case I forget.

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