Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a wrap!

I love bread! It doesn't matter whether it is brown or white, sweet bread or sour dough, with or without nuts, raisins or other add-in's. As long as it is bread I am a happy person. This morning however I was not a happy camper. There wasn't enough bread to make a sandwich for my lunch. There was, however, a package of whole grain wraps in the fridge. RATS!!! I don't like wraps. I will eat them IF I have to. Hubby John, on the other hand really likes wraps. He actually orders them when we go out to a real restaurant to eat. Jeez...what a Weirdo!
Anyway, back to this AM. What was a girl to do? I had to make wraps. Did I mention that I DON"T LIKE WRAPS? So I attempted to make roast beef wraps with lettuce and cheese for our lunches. Stuff was falling out all over the counter when I tried to roll them up. So I took everything back off and smeared mayo on the wrap to act like a glue. It seemed to work. Did I mention that I am also not real fond of mayo on my sandwiches? I prefer mustard but I thought the mayo might stick everything together better. So I re-wrapped the wraps and rolled them up again, or should I say, attempted to roll them up again. I wrapped the wraps in wax paper and then in a bread bag to keep them rolled tight. At lunch time mine stayed together when I went to eat it....sort of...I don't know how HJ fared with his.
So guess what I am doing tonight? Buying bread. It won't matter what colour or kind it is. It won't matter what brand it is. It will be bread....yummy bread...I can hardly wait. I'll walk into that store, go to the bread aisle and take my time choosing one of my favourite things to eat. Then I'll pay for the bread and take it home and tell Hubby John that I am now a happy camper: I bought the good stuff....the job is done....it's a wrap!


Laurie said...

What a hoot Lois! I know how you feel. A sandwich is supposed to be made with bread. However, when I do want a wrap, I head to Arby's for their chicken salad wrap. Mmmmmm!

Sam said...

Hello Lois... You're speaking my language here. Believe me... I know sandwiches... Your blog is really great. One of the best I've seen. So glad I happened upon it. Hope one day you'll make it over to mine. I'd be honored. Love, Keri (a.k.a. Sam)