Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was an extremely lazy day for me. I got up at 8:00 this morning and after doing the usual bathroom stuff (I was going to say crap but somehow that just sounds wrong doesn't it?) and putting on a load of laundry, I made my cup of tea and settled down in my front room with the sun shining in, to read my book. I really wanted a bologna sandwich for breakfast so I had one. Not toasted, whole wheat bread, (although I prefer white with bologna) with a little butter, lots of yellow mustard and some really good bologna. It can't be no name has to be J.M. Schneider's Blue Ribbon is the absolute best there is! Now I know some people might think a bologna sandwich is a weird thing for breakfast but I know people who eat leftover pizza for breakfast. And they eat it cold. Now THAT'S weird!!! Anyway, I digress. So I got my sandwich, my hot cup of tea, my Baby Cat Oscar keeping my feet warm and the book I am reading which is the third in this particular series "A song Of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. It happens to be a good series, a fiction with knights, kings, damsels in distress, dragons, good guys and bad guys. I'm enjoying it very much as is Hubby John, who is on the first book of the series. So there I am, reading in the sunshine with Baby Cat Oscar snoring away while keeping my feet warm and I finish my yummy bologna sandwich and my hot cup of tea and the next thing I know my book has fallen on the floor. Hmmmm........maybe I need to go take a nap. After all it is 9:30 and I have been up for over an hour now. So off Baby Cat and I go to crawl back into bed for a little snooze. At 10:30 I hear Hubby John moving around and at 11:00 I finally haul my lazy ass bones out of bed.....again. I had a shower hoping it would wake me up, drank another cup of hot tea, and decided it was lunch time and had a toasted bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. Then off to the mall to buy a graduation gift for daughter Jaime who graduates from University on Wednesday with her teaching degree. I knew exactly what I wanted to get her. Just the perfect shopping trip. No fuss...just in and out....wham bam....thank you have a nice day too! Home to HJ who hadn't moved very much while I was gone. It was time for a cold root-beer, a Turkish Delight bar and another few pages of my book. I should have wrapped the gift but I will do it tomorrow as I have Monday off. Today I was just too lazy and tired. At 3:00 I laid down for a half hour power nap and then got up and went outside to weed my front garden. Is it still called a garden when you have flowering bushes only? I suppose so because what else would you call it? So there I was with my hand spade, a pail for weeds and my handy dandy clippers which I would never be without.
Now don't get me wrong. I love gardens. But I hate gardening. When you buy a bush for the garden they should have to tell you that 4 foot long thorns will eventually grow from the plant. Nooooo.......they only go on and on about the beautiful cascading red blossoms that will transform your garden from a ugly piece of land to a showcase area of your home. Yeah.....right.....
Truth be told they were right. It does look nice when it flowers. But when you need to weed around it you have to wear chain mail to keep from looking like you had a fight with the neighbourhood tom cat. Man, I have scratches arms, my legs, my face and even on my knees. Note to myself: pull that damn bush out this fall. However, I persevered and now the front garden is ready to have mulch put on it and the neighbours no longer have to shudder every time they look out their front windows. Around 7:00 pm after I got everything out front cleaned up and put away, I made a quick dash to the store for some tomatoes and tortilla chips. Twenty minutes later I got to sit down to a lovely taco salad that Hubby John made for supper. That salad is listed as one of my favourite meals. I made a Sauce N' Cake mix up for dessert and it baked while I did dishes. Mmmmmmmm......perfect end to a perfect meal.
So all in all it was a very lazy day and I enjoyed every minute of it.....except for that stupid woman eating bush which I can guarantee you will not be there next spring.

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