Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holy Confirmation

Tonight Hubby John and myself went to the confirmation of our niece and nephew, Madison and Benjamin. It was a lovely service with a high mass, incense, communion and the collection plate being passed around. The whole nine yards.
When we first got there HJ and me were some of the first of the family there. We went ahead in of the others sat in a side row of pews where we had a good view of the goings on. As the time got closer to the start of the ceremony and the rest of the family started to file into the church we decided we should change our seats to the area where they were all sitting. This row was only a few behind the two who were being confirmed and gave us an even better view of the action.
In Roman Catholic church confirmation ceremonies, the Bishop, or in this case the Priest, will ask the children being confirmed various questions which are based on the studying that is done at the confirmation classes that are taken in the months prior to the confirmation day.
When it came to this part of the ceremony Father announced that he was going to ask questions not only of Madison and Benjamin but he would question all of the rest of the large group of family that was there as well. (He indicated the area involved with a sweep of his hands.) While everyone gave a nervous laugh I leaned over to Hubby John and said, "We should have stayed over on the other side of the church." Don't laugh.......I was you know how long it's been since we answered confirmation questions? Rule of thumb for this kind of situation is not to make eye contact and do not twitch or move a muscle if you feel someones eyes on you. Also it doesn't hurt to drool if possible. As it turns out only a few adults were asked questions and they were for the most part, able to answer them. Considering the fact that Madison and Benjamin were the only children being confirmed and that every eye and ear in the church were turned on to them, they did a great job and flew through the whole ceremony with flying colours.
Madison picked Bridget as her confirmation name and Benjamin chose the name Mark. Both good saint names. Afterwards everyone went back to the family home for an fellowship of food, fun and conversation. Both of the kids got some lovely gifts and lots of hugs and kisses. A fun evening was had by all. Congratulations Benjamin Mark and Madison Bridget.

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