Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Purse Give Away

I was visiting some of the blogs that I read that make me go "OHHHHH"
when Needlewings from A Frayed of Fibers told me to go to
Bags N Rags to enter a draw for a free give-away.
So I did.
Oh my goodness! I am so happy I blogged over and entered the draw.
Why don't you hurry over to Bags N Rags and enter Ginny's draw for a free purse?
(I especially like her pink polka dot purse with the black trim. Too cute! )
Lets face it, one never has enough purses!
Did I say that???
I haven't gotten a purse since my last birthday.
Sigh............. :(
Drop by here and see which one you like.
Then take a minute to leave a comment and your email address to get entered into the draw.
A special thanks to Ginny for giving a freebie to some lucky reader.
Good luck to everyone
I hope I win.
I need a new purse!
Really I do!

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