Sunday, July 06, 2008


My daughter, Jaime, had asked for a sewing machine for the last few Christmas's. Hubby John and I thought about it but always had other things that we wanted to give her. Besides, she didn't know how to sew.
This was one of my downfalls as a mother when she was growing up.
I didn't teach her to iron, sew, knit, crochet, how to use make-up, "do" her hair, use a computer, drink alcohol or whistle through her fingers. That is because I didn't know how to do those things. Well, that is not quite true. I could iron, but I hated to do it so I didn't. (why do you think permanent press fabric was invented?) I could sew (yes, I did own a sewing machine) but I hated to do that too. As for the other stuff, well I admit I probably wouldn't have won the Mother of the Year award. L.O.L! But no problem because even with the shortfalls of my mothering talents, Jaime has turned out to be a talented person who has taught herself to do all of these things, and more.
Jaime's, also very
talented, hubby Mike surprised her with a sewing machine this past Christmas and she took to sewing like a duck to water. Turns out that Jaime is more than very good at sewing. She gets this ability from her Nana Storozuk and grandmother Dougherty. Trust me when I say it is definitely not from me! Jaime, I wish I could take the credit for your talent with material and thread. Sigh...I guess I have to be content with the fact that you got your good looks from me...hee...hee..hee.
Jaime, using her new found talent, has started making and selling purses and bags via the Internet. She hasn't set up a store on Etsy yet but I have no doubt that she will have that all sewed up in the future.
I hope everyone takes the time to look at her new site,
Gingham Skies to see what she is up to.
Good Luck to you Jaime. I really don't have to say that because I have no doubt that you will be successful in your new endeavor. You have it all sewed up and in the bag.


Juddie said...

Hi Lois,
thank you for visiting my blog! I look forawrd to browsing through yours, and I wish your daughter all the best with her new ventures ....

Best wishes,

Just Jaime said...

Aww shucks thanks mom. You were a model mom! You taught me that finding what you love to do and running with it is the best gift to oneself.

The ironing, make up application etc was left to Rebecca! She was a great teacher so no worries! :)