Monday, June 16, 2008

A true purse aficionado.

I like purses. Shoes are ok, but I do not enjoy going out to buy them. It is, to me, a necessary inconvenience. I am however, getting to notice shoes more often and will, now and again, actually stop and go back for a second look if I see a pair that makes me go WOW ! That though, rarely happens. Purses or hand bags are on a different playing level. I have lots of purses and I plan to have lots more before I am done on this earth. I can spend hours just looking at purses and if I am actually planning on buying one, well...hubby John can just go home and pick me up later. He hates purse shopping. I change my purses often. One week a yellow purse, the next week a red one. My baby girl, Jaime, has taken to sewing purses and made me one for my B-day. I was very impressed with it. Anytime she wants to make me another one is OK with me. I am a cheap person and don't spend a lot of money on myself. I don't drink, do drugs or gamble. True, we do eat out more often than we should but I did buy a restaurant coupon book that paid for itself after the second time we used one of the coupons. I supported a local charity and saved money for myself at the same time. See....I am a cheap person. I seldom go out to the movies because I'm cheap! I just wait for any movie I want to see to come out on DVD and then I rent or buy it. It's cheaper and I'm happier! I buy most of my books second hand because it's cheaper. I buy paperback because they are cheaper. However, in truth I must admit that for some book series I only buy new, in paperback, because I read them over and over and over again and they last longer. But most of my books are recycled ones. I hate shopping for clothes and rarely pay full price for them. I always wear what I've got until it is threadbare. So I tend to be cheap with stuff I buy for myself EXCEPT when it comes to purses. Now don't get me wrong. I would have to think very long and hard before I would spend $40.00 or more for a purse. I once paid $95.00 for a purse, that ten years later I am still using. A well made purse can be a bargain. If I do see a purse that I really like and the price is really good I will indulge and treat myself. Sigh......I could go purse shopping right now. Anyway, I was window shopping in cyber/blog space and came across this awesome site for purses and handbags. Why not drop by and take a look? You never know, you, yourself, just might become a true purse aficionado.


Shari said...

these are so CUTE!!!
Feel free to link me to your blog.

Lois said...

Thanks Shari.
Have a great week!