Monday, January 12, 2009

Cranky Pants

I am not normally a Cranky Pants. I am usually in a good mood and relatively happy. But even I have down days. Most of December was a down day for me but I am feeling much better because of lots of rest and lazy do-nothing weekends. This blog entry was started back at the beginning of October after a very tired me overslept, was late getting to work and then had a very tired and frustrating day. I decided to hold, edit and post it after I had time to calm down and get some sleep. Since then I have had at least a week or more of days of dealing with stupid people. So I have complied a whole lot of blogs into this one. Bear in mind that I was not a Cranky Pants everyday since the beginning of October. I had a lot more of really good days than bad ones along the way.
I am very tired and when I get very tired I get very cranky. I turn into a real Cranky Pants. When I am this tired everything makes me cranky. The old lady that I almost hit this morning made me cranky. Could she not have gone down a half block to the lights? What was she thinking of trying to cross a busy road during morning rush hour traffic while using a walker? Do brains go somewhere else when you get old? Grrrr..... Even the way people put things in my in-box irritate me. Can't they put the paper in straight? Why do they need to put it in so it isn't even and it is technically sideways? Stupid people! (Not Sheila my office cohort.) Stupid customers also call into the office and tell me it is my fault that their order is not ready. Yes, I went out and told the guys in the shop to stop the presses and not run that particular job. Really, I am that mean. It seems I did that even though I don't remember doing it. It's often been said the customer is always right. Ya....and I am the Popes handmaiden too! Then there's the stupid salesman that phones in and tries to get through to my boss. Does this person think I am a stupid person too? If he doesn't let me know who he is and what he wants he is not going to talk to my boss. I won't put him through. That's part of my job. Screening my bosses telephone calls is what I do. The salesman is a stupid person! There is customer who walks in off the street and wants this job done, NOW, not in two days and not in one day but NOW! Apparently I am to put every other job aside and do this persons order NOW! I am sure that our regular customers will understand why we are dropping everything for the newbie...ya......right!
What I need to do is go back to bed for a day or so and get my Cranky Pants some sleep. Then maybe I will be able to smile at the old lady in the middle of the road and stop my car and help her across and I will turn my inbox sideways to accommodate those people who put the paper in sideways. I will tell customers that it IS my fault that their job is not ready, because I should have known that they needed it yesterday and I should have known that the file they sent was corrupted. I will tell the salesperson that he can talk to my boss whenever he wants to and I will give him my bosses cell and home phone numbers as well. It doesn't matter that I will probably loose my job over this....anything to keep the salesperson happy! As for the customer who walks in and who we will probably never do a job for again, I will just explain to our long term customers that this yahoo is more important than they are and that's just the way it is. If I am not fired from giving my bosses home number out, by the time our long term customers talk to my boss and he gets done with me , I am sure that I will be.
But it won't matter because the customer is always right.
Now, if you believe all of this you should look at some waterfront property I have for sale.
Please ignore the name on the paperwork. Someone obviously made a mistake on it when they were typing in the information. I will have to talk to their boss about them and possibly have them fired as it is obvious that they must have had on their cranky pants.


Jaime said...

HA!! Thanks for the laugh. I'll remember to read this when I'm having a "stupid person" day, it will remind me I'm not alone!

Kimber said...

I bet you feel better after getting that off your chest!

Thanks for all the nice things you said on my blog entry about Richard. You are very kind. It doesn't take much to make this world feel like a bit of a better place sometimes.