Friday, January 09, 2009

We miss you.

My son John Vincent is a busy man. With a demanding job, a very supportive wife, an active almost 4 year old daughter, a new home and various pets in the family, he is kept very busy for sure. This past Tuesday, John Vincent left for a week long business trip to Las Vegas. Ever since Neve has been part of our family, Tuesdays are treated as "Neve Night". We all get together for supper every Tuesday even if one of us can't be there due to work or sickness or whatever. So this past week Hubby John, myself, Sarah and my cutie-patootie Neve were together for dinner. We were eating and talking and Neve was telling us all about her new preschool that she has just started at. Her old school was left behind in the move to the new house and town. She was telling us about the new friends that she had made. This was a relief to me and Hubby John as we were really concerned about too many changes for her in such a short time. But Neve had settled down to the job of making new friends and succeeded. She had us laughing as she told us all about how she liked her new school very much. She had just finished explaining again to Papa the rule that Grams (that's me!) has firmly embedded into her mind, "Girls Rule and Boys Drool", when she suddenly looked around the table at all of us and said in a very little, quiet, sad voice, "Daddy is in Las Vegas." We all agreed with her. Then in that same little voice she said, "I miss my daddy and I wish he was here." What could we say? We miss him too and wish he was here. Hurry home John Vincent. We miss you.


tanzi said...

Aw, very sweet! I can't believe Neve is already four!!! I know she'll love Wellesley. I called it home for a couple of years myself!
Hope her dad has some free time to win a million in sin city.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hi Tanya!
How have you been?
John Vincent was sick with the flu the whole time he was in Vegas.
Poor guy! He's home and starting to feel better now.