Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is....How I Spent My Weekend

The actual theme for this weeks, "THIS IS" post, is...How I spend my weekends. Thanks to Bird Bath for this good choice. As you can see by my title, I have adapted it to a specific time period.
We entertain quite a bit. Hubby John and I don't have a whole lot of weekends free. We try to keep Sundays as a do nothing day. Friday nights and Saturdays are usually busy, busy, busy. Anyways, This is....How I spent this weekend. Friday night we attended a Benefit for Benjamin. It was an amazing fundraiser, with 500 or so people, a silent auction, raffles, food and drinks....a great evening and lots of money raised. Saturday we hosted a mini fiesta reunion of friends and family who attended(or would have if they could have) Jaime & Mikes wedding in Mexico. Mike and my cutie-patootie Neve are shown in this photo. Sun, Sun, Sun, the weather was PERFECT!!! The music played for the day was a variety mix of Electronic, Mexican, Irish and a little bit of everything else. What a great time everyone had. We spent the afternoon eating appetizers and munchies. The swimming pool and wet bar were both open. We had a yummy pot-luck BBQ dinner with delicious desserts afterwards. The evening found most of us sitting on the back deck enjoying more conversation and after dinner drinks, both hot and cold. It was a perfect evening with a huge, beautiful full moon watching over us all. It was a FUN, FUN, FUN party. Sunday morning came way too fast for my liking. I did not want to get out of my comfy bed so I slept in. Eventually we got up late Sunday morning and spent it cleaning up. A special THANK YOU to JAIME for coming over to help with that. Other family members dropped in for quick car pick ups and for October fundraiser donation drop-offs. They stayed long enough for some quick conversation and then were soon off and on their way. After cleaning was done, it was over to Jaime and Mikes place to drop off a car, a patio set, and stuff from the fiesta. We then went and picked up Neve for the afternoon. She was quite happy to float in her personal pool, aka the hot tub (don't worry, the heat is turned way down for her) and later to play with her dollies, outside kitchen, her sand box and her pedal car that no longer has pedals. It was a very lazy afternoon . Leftovers were eaten for supper. Neve played some more outside and then, on our way over to drop her off to her mommy and daddy, we made a quick stop at the Dairy Queen. Neve and her papa shared a hot fudge sundae with pineapple and pecans and I had a strawberry sundae. After we dropped her off, daddy John Vincent, followed us back to our place and we helped him unload a van full of boxes that he and Sarah are storing temporarily at our house. He left and I put a load of towels in the washer while Hubby John sat down to watch some of the Olympic goings on. I went on-line to do this blog, check my email and visit a few favourite sites. Now I am signing off and going to bed. This is how I spent my weekend.


Jaime said...

It was a crazy busy weekend wasn't it?! I'm still pooped. Thanks for everything mom - we had a FANTASTIC weekend! The Fiesta was just awesome, you sure know how to throw a party!

Bridie said...

You described the fiesta perfectly Lois - it was a great day. We all had a wonderful time - thanks a million!