Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This is....a work in progress.

Oh my gosh. I missed this past Sunday's "This Is..." subject and it was a good one so I decided to play catch up. Thanks to Debbie for the great subject theme of "This is.... A Work In Progress".
I must have over a hundred works in progress. I kid you not. Ask Hubby John. I am always bringing this, that or the next thing home saying those four little words, "One of these days." The problem is I run out of time in which to do everything I want to. Unfortunately I have to work, sleep and clean house once in a while. That all tends to get in my way when I start a project so sometimes a work in progress gets set aside for a short or long while. An artist I know once told me that all serious artists/crafters have more than one unfinished projects on the go at the same time. I feel that this is because when inspiration strikes you, you need to go with the flow. You can always go back to a work in progress whenever you have some extra time or if you have no inspiration for a new project. So here are a few, and please notice I said few, of my.... work in progress projects. All three of the following works in progress are being donated as raffle prizes for a benefit dance being held n October.

The first piece is a wooden sled to be
painted red with gold highlights.
A Christmas scene transfer
will be applied and thick gold
cording will be added as a rope handle
to the piece. This sleigh will be part of a
Christmas Theme basket of goodies
that will include cards, decorations,
ribbon, bags, labels and wrapping paper.

The second work in progress is two sets
of assorted note sheets and
thank you cards (not shown).
One set will be in a hand painted
wooden box and the second set
will be in a vintage tin or a
pretty cardboard box
(I haven't decided which one yet).
Each set will have a pen or two
tucked in .

My third work in progress is this ceramic
cat bird feeder that I painted.
I still need to glaze the eyes and then
apply a couple of coats of sealer to make
it weather proof. I will supply a bag of
birdseed with it. I will keep an eye out
for a suitable large popcorn tin,
hopefully with pictures of birds on it,
from a local second hand shop,
to be used as a feed tin.
I have a metal scoop that
will go in the box with
the tin, feeder and seed
and that will finish this project
quite nicely I think