Sunday, July 06, 2008


Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no other reason than bad things happen to good people. It isn't revenge from God. It's not some bad evil deity showing how powerful it can be.
It's just a very bad thing happening to a very good person.
Back in May I did a post concerning hubby John's and my great nephew. After adding a post script to the blog telling everyone that the outcome was good news I thought that the subject was closed and a happy ending was at hand. Hubby John and I, along with the rest of our gang of family and close friends, have had some very bad news over the last few weeks. It seems that the first wave of good news we received concerning our great nephew, is not the positive result that we were overjoyed with at that time. Further testing done after the original surgery has given us very sad results. There will not, most likely, be a happy ending to this story. A depression has fallen over all of us that know this little guy. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow. It's seldom that we get through a day without a sob catching in the back of our throat and a tear being wiped away. We walk through the hours of the day asking how we can help the family and wondering what we should be doing. Emails and phone calls are fast and furious. Many different blogs have been started. Fund raising efforts, to raise money to help the family cope with the financial burden that comes with a serious illness, have been started. Many prayer chains have also been started. I know the family finds it comforting that so many strangers are praying for this little boy and his family. The family has a very strong faith and the prayers being said will help them through the very hard and difficult days that are yet to come. Family, friends and strangers are emailing their words of compassion and support. Everyone is doing what they can to help in any way they are able to. I know that in all of the family there is not one adult that wouldn't change places with this beautiful, funny, little boy if they were able to. Unfortunately, all we can do support and comfort the family as much as we are able. We'll take what pieces of light and joy appear during these dark days and store the memories away for a day when the sun stops shinning. We'll give our immediate and extended family and friends extra hugs and kisses and make sure to say "I love you" out loud, a lot. We'll cry a lot. We'll pray a lot. Our lives have been irreversibly changed in ways that we don't realize at this time.
And it's all because sometimes bad things happen to good people.

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