Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Is....The space in which I create.

Thanks to Michelle for this weeks pick. She has chosen "the space in which I create" as the subject of the week.
My computer desk is tucked in hubby John's office. I do my card creating on the computer and then use my dinning room table as a work space for adding the bits and pieces for finishing them. More often than not you will see my craft stuff for weeks on end, littering the whole table or shoved down to one end of it.
On the top of my computer is a light that John V. & Sarah gave me. Now I can see what I am doing without lighting up the whole room. There are pictures of Neve in cute little photo holders that I got on sale after Easter and a bookmark taped to the front of the screen. It is a picture of bamboo that has graffiti etched into it. We saw the real thing on our trip to China but this is a better picture than the one I took. There are a few post-it-notes and reminders that have got things and stuff that I want to remember for a later date. If I don't write it down I will forget.
I have a bird sitting on my printer that I got from Jaime. It's really a paperclip holder and it chirps when it moves. It is very unique. My printer is also holding a two photo albums that I am working on and a small plastic crate that has some ribbon and photos in. Under the crate is the book, Outlander, which I am reading for the hundredth time. A pretty wooden box with butterflies on it that Sarah got me years ago, hold pens. And another book that I am half done sits waiting patiently for me to finish it. On the desk itself, there are cards, postcards, tile and paint chip samples (we are renovating our bathroom), some music Cd's in a case, a calender, a handbill for the community players musical "Carousel" and a picture underneath it all of my mom and dad in their wedding suits. The picture of is in a clear acrylic mouse pad that you can display clippings or pictures in.
My ever close at hand glass of water sits on my desk also. On the tower is another box that I keep floppy discs in (yes I do use them). A digital picture/calender that I got for Mothers day that is still in the box waiting for me to download pictures to it, sits underneath a calculator, on the tower.
The front of my desk opens and the drawer holding my hidden keyboard and mouse, slides out. There is lots more in there too! It's nice that I can close it up and hide the mess when I need to. On the floor under my desk is a waste basket, a box full of paper and card stock, my Sizzix die cutter and a case of dies, a bag of shells, my laminating machine, a new rotary tool with a bunch of ends that I haven't really taken time to look at yet, a beautiful dragon planter that Hubby John bought and I haven't filled yet, and three cans of spray paint that are waiting to be returned to the store. There you have it. Lots of stuff all over, under and above my desk and still never enough room. One day I hope to have my own craft area. Sigh....I can always dream.
So until then I'll make do with what I've got. My great computer desk and the dining room table.

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