Saturday, June 07, 2008

This Is ...My favourite Travel Memory

Hubby John and I have had a lot of great trips.
Out of all the trips we have been on there are two
that are tied in first place
for receiving a gold star rating.
This is my favourite travel memory....... aka
CHINA 2005
In October/November of 2005 Hubby John and I were lucky
to be asked to travel to China with
our son John Vincent and his wife, Sarah.
They were going there to pick up their new daughter
and my cutie-patootie, NEVE.
She was waiting in China, for her new mommy and daddy
to come to take her home to her forever family in Canada.
The trip was an amazing roller-coaster ride of emotions.
We waited for so long to hold that little girl.
After what seemed to be a lifetime we finally got her in our arms.
The picture below is of the five of us on part of the Great Wall of China.

In February of 2007 we went to Mexico's Mayan Riviera.
Two complete families went on the trip along with a few extras.
Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, grandmothers,
aunts, uncles, cousins and some old and some new friends,
all met by the ocean on a beautiful sunny day to watch as
our daughter, Jaime, and her fiance, Mike,
exchanged wedding vows.
Everyone had a blast!
Most of us partied for a few days before the wedding,
and then watched as the happy couple
got married on a beautiful beach.
A good time was had by all!
The picture belows shows our new family.

A big thank you to Hila for this weeks subject choice.


Lisa said...

What lovely memories

flossy-p said...

They both seem like very special holidays that remain strong in your heart. What an amazing story about all going to collect Neve together. What an unforgettable experience!!!!

Just Jaime said...

You really do have the best travel memories! :)