Monday, September 01, 2014

Not All Done In Just Yet.

I cannot think of where the summer went to.  Here we are on the first day of September and I don't remember August flying by like it did.  Don't even ask about June or July.  Did they even exist this year?  There is a stinky tree at the end of my deck.  In the spring, when it blooms, it smells like cat pee.  I have no idea where this tree came from.  One spring it just bloomed and voila! I have a stinky tree.  It does give nice cover though, so I put up with the spring smell as it only lasts for a few weeks.  Anyway, my point is that this tree is already filled with reddish colored leaves.  Last week, or at least I thought it was last week,  this tree had green leaves.  When on earth did it change colors?  Even the ivy type plant that climbs the back of the deck has some crimson leaves peeking through. Gee whiz! Can we not have summer for a bit longer? I am not ready for fall yet. Even though I  like fall I would like to think that summer will be here a bit longer and that it's not all done in just yet.

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