Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Old Man

My dearest Hubby John turns 60 today and he is having a bit of a hard time with it.
Here, in Canada, it means that they, the powers that be, officially recognize HJ as a senior citizen.
This is not a bad thing......Really!!!
Just think seniors discounts.
People opening the door for you.
You get to say "I forgot" and have people smile at you and say, "that's OK...we all forget now and then."
You get to whine and complain and nobody will tell you to shut up. They will just smile, nod their heads and say "it will be alright" and "things are sure to get better" and ask "is there anything I can do?"
As the "officially old man" wife I will do my best to ensure all this senior power doesn't go to his head.
When HJ forgets, I will be the one to say, "What do you mean you forgot? Why didn't you write it down or put it in your Blackberry?".
When he whines about being cold or hot or whatever, I WILL be the one to tell him to stop whining.
When HJ complains I will be the one to say, "Shut up and quit your complaining!"
The way I see it, getting old gives you the best of both worlds.
HJ will have those who sympathize with
him and will help him wallow in self pity and he will have ME, the one who keeps him grounded, sane and in the real world.
Remember HJ that turning 60 is not a death sentence.
It's only a number....a big one, I will admit, but still it's just a number.

After all has been said and done in this post,I've saved the best comment for last.
Hubby John remember to "them" you may be an just another old man..
but to me...... your my old man.

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Tolentreasures said...

What a great post! Sixty has to be the new thirty though because they say seventy is the new forty! He's still just a babe!