Monday, March 26, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

After cleaning out the front attic I phoned my baby boy, John Vincent, to come in and go through the boxes of his stuff that had been stored there. JV is 38 and has been married and out of the house for over 15 years, so his stuff had been there for some time. I think he was quite pleased to see some of the "oldies but goodies" that had been waiting rediscovery. HIs daughter and my Cutie -Patootie, Neve, had a great time asking her daddy what this was and what did that do. JV had a Vic 20, which you may remember was a early version of the home gaming systems. It was in the original box and had all the tapes, connections and cables. I think JV may put it on EBay, Craigs List or wherever, to see if he can make a profit on it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained I say. There were a bunch of old dinky cars with dates on them, teen magazines and books. A chemistry set which had all the test tubes and burners in it. Nothing poisonous in the chemicals; they were dispersed of and the glass tubes were recycled. There were little bits and pieces, the things that little boys keep and know what I mean, snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. A Dukes of Hazard car....the metal one that Hubby John and I took months to find and give JV as a Christmas present, many years ago. Hot wheels and his beloved skate board which JV used to go all over town on, without a helmet, I might add. An old lunch pail full of buttons, not the ones you sew on clothing but the kind that have advertising and logos and saying on them. A stuffed toy or two, and a whole box of McDonald's treats of the weeks surprises. Of course these are the older ones that were made quite well really with heavy plastic not the thin stuff they use today that breaks if you move it wrong. There was what I thought to be a Transformer but was informed that it was a "Go Bot". My mistake! A wrist Racer that still worked and a dinosaur robot that worked but had pieces missing. In one of JV's boxes of memories, he found Spider Man action toy (it no longer worked) and the arch villain Green Goblin, that still works after all these years. There was one of his baby toys, a Fischer Price Merry-Go-Round with one of the original people still on a horse. It works, sort of. I plan on taking it apart to see if I can fix it. Another find was a plastic "ray" gun that makes lots of noise and looks like it is sparking, when you pull the trigger. My Cutie-Patootie, Neve, was quite taken with that particular item. Unfortunately for her, daddy and mommy refused to let her take it home. Parents today have no sense of humor. Hubby John and I thought it would be a great thing for CP to play with at HER house. LOL! Apparently we are wrong. Go figure! So the noisy ray gun will stay at our place for CP to use when she comes to visit. There was so much more in the boxes. Some John Vincent kept, some he tossed and some got donated to a fund-raising garage sale. It was a great evening and we really enjoyed it. It's always fun to take a walk down memory lane.

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