Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I can't believe that we are already into the month of June.  It seems like just yesterday that I was complaining about the cold (and I like the cold) and now here I am complaining about the heat.  I am not a big fan of hot days but I do like a big fan on hot days.   I work in air conditioning all week so I feel  I am very lucky.  Hubby John works outside most of the time and although he likes the heat even he has made comments in the past few weeks about being too hot during the day.  We have been getting some rain, and although it is really needed, it seems that all the rain does is make things sticky and humid and uncomfortable for everyone.  Hmmmmm....I really sound grumpy about the weather don't I?  I promise that I will try to lighten up and not complain, too much, about that hot sunshine.  That being said, HJ and I have not opened our pool yet.  We have ordered a new liner and are waiting for it to be installed.  The old liner was 25 years old and although it had a few patches here and there it was showing more tears along the top that were too big to patch. We did really well in getting that many years out of it.  So we picked a new design and are waiting.  We are replacing the filter as well.  Might as well go new with everything. For the past few years Hubby John has been breaking out in a rash every time he gets into the pool.  Doctors could not say what was causing the problem. We thought that maybe the liner was breaking down.  That is only one theory in the quest for an answer.  He has no problem swimming in fresh water pools or the ocean when we go away on holiday.  No problem in the hot tub either.  So hopefully HJ will not break out once all the new pool stuff is in.  Maybe this year he will actually get to use the pool on a full time basis.  I don't care for myself but it would be nice for him.  He is the pool guy.  I don't care one way or the other if we have a pool or not.  I am not a big fan of swimming.  But with that being said HJ is a fan of hot weather and his swimming pool, so for his sake I hope the new liner solves the mystery of the mysterious rash and HJ can frolic in the cool water once more.  As for me....where is the nearest tree or air conditioner?

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Kimber said...

Lois!!! I haven't creeped your blog in a dog's age. So here I am, commiserating with you on the wretched heat of this past summer. Hubby and I had many, many arguments about air conditioning (which we do not have) and flannel sheets in the summer (we have two sets which I refuse to use). I think a good compromise is getting air conditioning AND using flannel sheets. Thankfully Autumn arrived before we required marriage counselling.

Hope you are healthy, happy, and your usual smiling self. I hear you've got another grandbaby on the way. WAHOO!

xo Kimber