Friday, March 23, 2012

One Down and Only Two To Go!

I am SO proud of myself (even if pride is one of the no-no sins but that's another post ). I finished cleaning out the front attic. The BIG attic. I got rid of so much stuff that I am amazed that I didn't go sobbing to my bed each night. I did that once..... oh so, many, many years ago. Hubby John and I had two little babies and two little kittens. I couldn't, either mentally or physically keep up with all of them especially after the little kitties shredded the patio door curtains. I made the decision to get rid of the furry ones. As a cat lover that was a really hard decision for me to make. HJ took them down to the local animal shelter. I was so upset. I cried all evening and that night when we were bedded down HJ said he was going back to the shelter the next day to get the kitties back. Anything to stop my crying. I was very happy with that decision. However when HJ went back to the shelter the next day he was informed that the pair of kitties had been adopted out, together, within an hour of being taken in. Expecting me to be prostrate with grief when he told me, HJ was quite happy when I reacted with a big smile and exclaimed that I was so happy they had been adopted together. I guess that had been my main concern....that they would be separated. So that episode worked out for the best. I kept my babies, got the fuzzy babies adopted together to a new family and, eventually, got new curtains for the patio doors. Does it sound like I may have been a bit depressed or house bound crazy during that time? Hmmmmm.....let me think on that for a minute...LOL...yah I would say so. Anyhow, I digress! The BIG attic is cleaned out and now I can turn my attention to the smaller ones at the back of the house. I have proven that I can do this so onward I march. Out with the old....and some new.... is my new motto for 2012. Once I am done with the attics the basement beckons. That sort of scares me.....there is a lot of "stuff" down there. It won't be a problem though because I have Hubby John to help. HJ is great at saying what (of my things) should go. I compliment him because I am great at telling Hubby John what (of his stuff) should be tossed. LOL! After the basement there is the fruit cellar, closets and the outside sheds to clear out. All will be done all in good time. I am not on a time schedule really. As long as it gets done by the end of this year I will be happy. This weekend however, I am taking a few days off to watch a dance recital, a dance competition and go to an out of town family baptism and birthday party. In time I will get back to the attic clean out. I am not worried about it though. After all, I have one down and only two to go.

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