Sunday, March 11, 2012

Something old new again.

I never got around to saying "Thank You" to the Bamboo Bunch for the lovely framed artwork and gift certificates that Hubby John and I were presented with last month at the Chinese New Year celebration. We have over the past five years helped out at this event. Every year HJ and I help with the serving of food, washing and clearing up of dishes and after all is done we help to take down the tables, chairs and decorations. We donate raffle prizes that I put together, with both new and previously enjoyed items, to help raise money. Tis year we donated about 30 raffle prizes.
The money raised is used for events for the children during the year and also for a foster child that the BB sponsors in China. HJ and I were called upon during this years event and presented with the gifts that were totally unexpected. We were so surprised. It was very kind of the board to remember us in this way. So THANK YOU to all those involved. Some of the raffle prizes had to do with a previous post in which I happened to mention that I had some beautiful, large, old calendars that I just couldn't throw away but I didn't know what to do with. You can read all that here. I meant to tell you that I thought of a great way to use those calendars. I got some peel and stick paper stock and covered the calendar date part with it. I used a stock that is called "Blockout" and nothing will show through once it is applied. Doing this made it easy for the pictures to still be viewed while the new owner of the calendar could use the covered part as a doodle pad, paint book or whatever. The calendars were put into the raffle prizes that I did up this year for the along with my usual jumble of this and that. I hope whomever won them were happy with them. Personally I thought my idea was a great way to recycle and make something old new again.

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