Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gung hee fatt choi.'s done....they're gone....and another thing is stricken off my "2010 To Do" list.
Thirty one raffle packages assembled, wrapped, labelled and shipped off.
One of the groups that we support is called "The Bamboo Bunch". This group is comprised of families that have adopted children not born in Canada. China, Thailand, Korea and Vietnam, are the countries where most of our forever family children were born. We are the lucky ones to have been privileged to bring a child from there to here. The adoptive mothers and fathers want to ensure that their sons and daughters are aware of their birth heritage and so they celebrate the various cultural holidays by getting together and having Chinese New Year & Harvest Moon celebrations, summer picnics and Christmas parties. They also do many other events during the year that Hubby John and I don't participate in. One of the bigger events is the Chinese New Year party. They have a raffle table to raise funds, a craft table for the kiddies, a yummy Chinese Food buffet, Chinese fan and scarf dancing performed by some of the little ones from the "Bunch", and a martial arts display along with the Chinese Dragon dance. Very dramatic, noisy and a lot of fun, especially for the kids. We love being able to see the children changing as they are growing up. Look how this one's hair has gotten so long, did you notice how that one's teeth have come in or out, look how tall he/she is getting. Getting back to my opening statement, Hubby John and I have donated raffle prizes again this year for the Chinese New Year celebration. I work really hard on collecting items during the year and then putting together the gift packs which are used for the raffle table. I really enjoy doing this. It is a true labour of love. It's fun getting something like a large previously used bowl, (of course it is clean and not cracked and is food safe) adding a new wooden spoon, a cake mix and some new cupcake papers, a previously owned cake cookbook and glass cake plate and putting it all together in clear wrap then adding some ribbon and ending up with a great raffle item. This year I am very excited to see how the raffle packs are received. I think the biggest draw will be the two "Girls Surprise Treasure Boxes". They are meant for girls 8 years and older and have all kinds of goodies stuffed into a pretty little box. I had a lot of fun finding new and gently used items for some lucky little lady. I even did a "Boys Only" bag this year. I am sure that it will also be a hit. There are items geared more for Mom and Dad too, like the cake and popcorn packs along with a beauty basket pack and a dish washing pack that contains tea towels, dish cloths, dish soap and scrubbies. (That one always is a big draw). I will be watching to see which items are well received this year and 'will be taking notes for what to do or not to do for next years raffle. (I have already got a few things ready and in the holding box for the 2011 celebration.) There are lots of raffle packs to buy tickets for and I hope that means they will raise a lot of money. This year they hope to raise enough money to sponsor a child from China for a year (and hopefully longer) through "Love Without Boundaries" . This is such a wonderful organization that helps in making a difference in the lives of orphaned children in China. So lets hope it all goes well and that the raffle does even better than last year.
"Gung hee fatt choi......Congratulations and be prosperous" or as we say here in Canada, "Happy New Year!"


Gingham Skies said...

31 packages?! WOW!! I knew you worked hard on these mom but I didn't realize how many you were putting together.

I love that you do this - you are certainly going over and above to show your support for the organization that helped bring the Princess into our lives.

I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but I'll make some bits for you to add to your baskets for next year. xoxo

Lois said...

That would be great! However, if you happen to have a bag (or two) of any kind kicking around, Inspiring Minds (a not-for-profit day care centre- Neve's)is having a golf tournament this spring and is looking for sponsers, prizes and giveaways.
I know they will give signage to all donations. If you can do anything at all, or know of anyone who can, please contact John Vincent as he is on the committee.