Sunday, January 09, 2011

All I wanted was a new TV.

Happy New Years Everyone! I hope all had a great Christmas!
My goodness......I cannot believe how time has flown by since my last post in November.
I have been busy, busy, busy. It seemed that one day just flowed into the next and then all of a sudden it was Christmas and then the new year just appeared out of no where.
Where did all those days go?
Hubby John and I have been busy with redecorating our family room. It was not planned....especially with the holidays coming up.... We decided to buy a new TV for Christmas. Our old one had a habit of turning itself off every once in a while and we figured it just might be a matter of time before it stopped altogether. We had been talking about the idea of a new TV for the last year or so. So I suggested that for Christmas instead of buying gifts for each other that we get a new TV instead. HJ was happy with the suggestion and started intensifying his research on what kind he wanted to get. It didn't matter to me so I told him to knock himself out and go crazy.......but not too crazy...... We needed to keep money boundaries in place. As it turned out everything but one item, was bought on sale or at reduced pricing. I love when that happens!
As always Hubby John was very thorough in his research. After investigating, pricing various models, talking to TV experts, measuring the space available in the family room, getting information on what and how much wiring for the TV and sound system would be needed, checking to see how he would need to install the wiring, looking at and comparing the hardware needed to mount the TV and comparing the pros and con's of everything on the Internet, HJ was ready to proceed with the purchase. He decided that we were to get a flat screen and that it would be wall mounted.
Great!......that wasn't too hard was it?...easy smeezy! .....Yah....Right! I should have known better!
Since we were going to wall mount the TV we decided that the wiring would need to go in behind the wall....what a job that was. Nevertheless HJ did an wonderful job in feeding the wiring down from the top of the wall and out the bottom. It seems when they built this addition onto the house the wanted to make sure the walls never moved. They put cross pieces in every eight inches. So instead of just being able to drop the wires straight down, it left HJ drilling a lot of holes to hand feed the wiring through....and there was a lot of wiring. Unfortunately that little episode left a few holes where the drywall was cut. No Problemo! He just patched the drywall.... twice....Did you know that hands on wet drywall patch tend to go right through and leave another hole?,,,,,But it all worked out smoothly....pun intended....get it? drywall mud....smoothly..... oh never mind!.....In the end it was all was good. Well.......sort of. The wall would need to be repainted which was OK. It hadn't been done in a very long time and was very overdue for a paint job. Deciding on the colour took time and I needed samples painted on the wall to make sure I could live with it. Man, what fun that was...NOT! It's true that the "third time's a charm" and it took us that many paint sample colours to come up with one we could both live with. HJ applied a base primer to the whole room in preparation to the final colour coat. But before we painted the actual wall colour we decided that the ceiling tiles should be replaced as they were pretty grungy looking. So there was another project to be done. While we had the ceiling pulled apart and the painting not done yet, HJ installed a light over the area that I sit in and read on weekends. It is right beside the patio door and I just love sitting there reading my book and drinking my tea on the mornings that I don't have to go into work. That's my peaceful place in the house. I have always had a floor lamp standing there but a swag lamp was always on my wish list. We went and bought a pretty inexpensive hanging light that was set up for hard wiring, with the intention of installing an off/on switch on it and converting it into a swag lamp. HJ assured me that it was an eay thing to do and wouldn't take too much time. I already had a clear hook to use in the drop ceiling to hold the light so once it was converted it would be ready to hang. One day I came home from work to find that HJ hard-wired and installed the light with a wall switch instead of what he had originally planned on doing. I was so thrilled and pleased that he did that for me. To me, it looks much nicer than having wiring running down the wall to the plug. It was extra work for him and meant more drywall patching for him to do. Thanks again HJ! Finally the ceiling tiles were installed and the walls got painted. Of course with everything else brand new we needed to do something with the floor. It was covered in linoleum. I am sure it was from the 60's. It definitely needed to have something done to it. Hubby John bartered services for the lovely wall-to-wall carpet that now covers part of the room. He installed special waterproof flooring (Alure) on part of the floor that is the walkway from the patio doors to the deck and pool. HJ also put on new trim all around the room. Next, new curtains and rods and some new-to-us end tables completed the room. I am SO happy with it. The renovations were done and the tree up in time for Christmas.
Whew....what a relief that was!
Hubby John stood in line at 5:30 in the morning on boxing day to buy our new TV. He brought it home and we installed it that same day. HJ and I were very happy campers!
It is very nice to have a TV that doesn't turn off on you. We moved HJ's lazy boy to a different spot from where it used to sit before the renovations. It is now directly in line with the new TV. He has perfect viewing and with the sound system (that,thank god,was compatible with the new TV and didn't need to be replaced)it's just like being at the movie theatre. But now we have a different problem to deal with. Hubby John complains that he falls asleep every time he sits there now.
Hmmm.....could it be that the TV is making his eyes tired? Heee....hee...hee... The problem is now he lays back in his chair to get "optimum viewing" and in that position his eyes automatically close. Poor HJ........he never gets to watch his new TV because he is always sleeping. As for me, I am really enjoying it.....the TV not HJ sleeping.....because I know I won't miss anything on any of the shows I watch. This TV only turns off when I want it to!

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Sounds like you got a lot more than you bargained for! At least this way you got a nice remodel job to boot! You shall have to post photos! Also good to hear from you again.!