Monday, February 07, 2011

2011 Year of The Rabbit & a Thrifty Find

Holy cow....another month has passed by already! Where does the time go? I have been busy, busy, busy getting raffle packages all done up for our Bamboo Bunch Chinese New Year celebration. I have been hopping around like a bunny, here, there and everywhere trying to get everything finished up. The celebration is in another 2 weeks and I still have one more prize to wrap. Not to worry though, it will be done tomorrow night. What a relief that will be. Once the 31 prizes are gone I can have my living room and family room back. I'm not really complaining. I really enjoy doing up the prizes. I collect stuff all year round, both new and renewable items. I keep a keen eye out for really great bargains and for unique containers and then early in January I start wrapping everything up. I love collecting the stuff....I HATE wrapping it up. I'm not good at that and I find it a chore that I tend to put off as long as I can.
Silly me! If I just wrapped a prize up as soon as I had everything collected for it, it would be much easier. But that would make sense wouldn't it? Nope, I have to wait until the last possible moment and then drive myself nuts trying to meet the deadline. Oh well......I'm done for this year and I think that next year I might try something different. We'll see what happens. I do love to watch peoples faces, especially the kids, when they see something that they hope they win and they put their tickets into the box. When the winning ticket gets drawn there are always lots of smiles and that makes me happy. I enjoy that day/evening so much and am looking forward to this years celebration. Someone asked me last year why I don't do this as a business and I told them that then it would become work while now it's just fun for me. I already have a job and this is my down time. So you see, I really do like making up prizes for the raffle table.
Right now I am off to read a few of my favourite "Blogs that make me go Ohhh.....
It's been a while since I have done that and I do miss all of those blogs a lot! Hopefully I will get more time to do it this year. Last year was very busy for me and I seemed to be tired all the time. So far this year things have been much better. It will still be a hectic year I think...a lot of stuff coming up in the next 6 months or so. But not to worry....I feel like I have a lot more energy so I am hoping that it continues on for the rest of the year. So I won't post again until later this month. I will let everyone know how the "2011 Year Of The Rabbit" Chinese New Year celebration went/goes at a later date. Till then have a great February!
PS Speaking of prizes, I just have to tell you about the BEST bargain I have gotten in a while. The other night I was at Walmart and was heading to the checkout while clutching the bottle of shampoo that I had picked up. Hubby John was waiting out in the car and was explicit about instructions of 'DON'T BE IN THERE ALL NIGHT" or he might not be there when I came out. So I was a woman on a mission. There were a bunch of people blocking the aisle while they had a family reunion or something like that and so I veered off into a another aisle and once around the blockage I veered back into the main aisle that leads up to the checkout. Thank goodness I did that or I wouldn't have seen what I did. HOLY COW! There on a shelf.....right at eye level.....were beautiful Disney keepsake boxes filled with 40 individually wrapped cards. Birthday and all occasion.... 2 of each design. There was a box open already so I took a quick peek inside because I figured they were just cheap crap that I wouldn't want. I was stunned! They were absolutely beautifully made. I could not believe that these boxes of cards were only $5.00 each. I grabbed one and continued on to the checkout. I didn't know if I had enough money in my account but figured I could put the shampoo back if not. Anyway long story shortened; I got out to the car with my great find and then called my daughters and had Hubby John turn around and go back to Walmart. Once there I went back inside and grabbed three more boxes of cards. That left only the open one on the shelf and I am kicking myself for not grabbing it too! I was/am one happy thrifty lady who scored an awesome prize.

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