Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pass the Kleenix.

Sometimes one shouldn't speak up until one is completely sure that what they are about to say is 100% accurate. I last posted that I was on the mend.....and at the time I thought I was. seems that I was not....I had a bit of a back slide......Friday I woke up and I felt really lousy again. Saturday and Sunday I felt pretty much the same.
Hubby John has also now come down with the same thing and is hacking and coughing too.
Being the big spenders that we are we have decided to put our money into Kleenex.
I really mean that.....we bought ten boxes this weekend and have gone through 3 of them already. I must also say that the Benylin Mucous & Phlegm syrup that the pharmacist recommended to Hubby John for me (and now him) is really doing the trick.
Yes, it is gross with the yucky stuff flowing but it is not settling into our chests and that is exactly what we wanted to avoid.
If HJ never has another bout of pneumonia like he did last year, we will both be quite happy.
So anyway, there are lots of Kleenex being used and lots of hot drinks, water and Benylin being consumed in this house.
Eventually this sickness soon shall pass.....sooner than later I hope, for the both of us.
This setback has made me realize that there is something worse that having a sicko in the house.
What could be worse than one sicko in the house, you ask??
That would be two sickos in the house.
Groan.....I know, I know, I'm reaching.......and right now I am saying goodbye so I can go find another box of Kleenex.

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Tolentreasures said...

Oh no, I thought that I was better this morning, don't tell me that there are setbacks to this disease. Just got over two days for the coughing and aching and fever. I thought for sure I was all better. What a nasty disease this is.