Thursday, April 01, 2010


It was so warm and sunny outside today that I wasn't at all bothered by the fact that I had to park some distance from the bank to deposit my pay cheque this morning. As I got out of the car and was grabbing a reusable carry bag (just in case) I heard whistling. "What is that??!!??" I thought to myself. "It's really a catchy tune". First I thought it was being blared over a broadcasting system by the mall and then I thought that is was from one of the trucks that were blocking a lane of through traffic . As I was walking toward the mall, the driver of the small van that was parked in front of the big truck, got in and started up his vehicle to drive away. The whistling stopped and I thought that he had some music playing while he had made his delivery in the mall and when he started up his very loud truck it drowned out the whistling. Who knew? Who cared? Not me that's for sure. There was traffic all over down there today. With so many delivery trucks and vans illegally parked so the drivers could make their deliveries in the mall, other drivers were playing chicken trying to get around the parked trucks and keep the traffic flowing. It was like playing a game of dodge ball when I tried to get across the road to the other side. Both myself and another lady ran like heck to avoid being hit by a senior that seemed to have lost her ability to read the STOP sign. Why stop?? The pedestrians will way or the other. Anyway, I did make it across to the road in one piece and got into the bank ATM area and was able to get one of the machines without having to wait. Lucky me. The line up inside the bank was insane, and it was only 9:30 in the morning! So I'm at the ATM and pulled out my bank card and put it in the machine and I wait.....and wait....and wait.....and.....OH! probably would help if I put it in the right way wouldn't it!!??!! That's what the beeping was. I never realized that those machines made so much noise. So I turn my card around and put it in the machine correctly and punch in my code when I hear that whistling again. I looked beside me thinking it was the guy over there but he was looking at me with this look that said, "What' that?". What is that noise from??? DHUH....the noise is from my purse, or to be more exact, my new cell phone that is in my purse. . So I dig out my phone, say hello, and start laughing as I tell my dear Hubby John what an idiot I am. I just know he was rolling his eyes and yes, I am sure, laughing at me, but all he did was ask me, "Well what did you think the noise was?" I am still laughing at myself. That ring explains why the woman walking by me in the parking lot kept looking over at me. I guess I am still not used to having a cell phone and I think this is only the second call I have received on it. I am sure that eventually I will get used to my purse making noises. It's all good. Besides, today is April 1st and if nothing else, I proved that there is no fool like an old fool.


Laurie said...

That's too funny Lois, isn't technology great? If it isn't the ATM screaming at you, it's the cell phone! Glad you made it across the street in one piece though, mall lots are the worst! Have a wonderful Easter!

Amy. said...

I had to laugh because when my cell phone died and I had to get a new one I did the very same thing. My kids thought I was nuts. MOM!! It's you!! answer it. I felt a fool for sure. Thank goodness I have kids to teach me!!!
PS Thanks for the visit. I have to get caught up with everyone!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahaha, well I'm glad you at least thought it was a catchy tune. Better than thinking, 'Geez, what is making that obnoxious noise,' only to realize it's you. :D Less than a year ago, my cell phone was always an afterthought, and I'd tsk tsk my husband for always being attached to his. But guess what. I'm now attached to mine and use it for everything from checking email to telling time and grocery shopping! Tsk tsk!

Hope you had a great Easter!

tanzi said...

Love it! Don't worry--It took me a good 8 months or so to recognize my cell when it rang. ;)