Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome ToThe 21st Century

I am not exactly what you would call brilliant when it comes to technology of any kind. Oh I'm OK if there is an ON and a OFF button, but give me anything with more than that and I will probably screw it up. Like the TV remotes....notice the S at the end of the word? All I want is one, yes I said just 1; one, um, ein, un, ένας ,одно....No matter what language you write or say it in, it still means ONE! I hate having to push a hundred buttons on three remotes to turn on the DVD player. Then HJ comes in and gets all growlee because I screwed up his remotes. GEESE!!! If we had just ONE there wouldn't be a problem right? OFF & ON. Can it get any easier and simpler? No, well not unless you have a manservant who could do it for you. And don't think for a second that that isn't on my wish list for when I win the big one...hee...hee...hee..... But I digress. I started saying how I am technically challenged.....BIG TIME..... and with that being said I have an announcement to make. It appears that I have formerly entered the 21st century. Yep. I never in a thousand years thought I would have this happen to me but I am no longer century challenged. Just because of one little incident I can no longer be called an"old fashioned type of girl". What's that you say???? What's the BIG News??? Hubby John bought me a cell phone. It's a KOODO and it's small and has a little cover on it so I don't scratch it all up. Someone told me it is called a skin, not a cover...sorry.... The phone is for emergency use so it doesn't have call display and I have very limited monthly time on it. With such limited options it doesn't cost a lot. But being cheap like I am, that makes me happy. I learned how to turn it on, turn it off and plug it in to recharge. I can take pictures and video with huh? It has ever so many ring tones to choose from and I can even do a custom tone if I want to. Hmmm....I am thinking of doing a custom ring where all my family yells..."IT'S YOUR PHONE MOM...ANSWER IT!". That way when I am shopping and hear voices talking to me I will know it's not JUST the voices in my head again, but it's my phone. (That will be a huge relief to me I can tell you!) HJ and all the kids have my cell number so they can call me anytime they want to. That's a good thing. So there ya go......I am now a modern woman....TA DA! I have entered the 21st century, I am strong, healthy, smart and no longer technically challenged. What a woman I am!!! .....Ummm.....I do have one question though.....what's my phone number?


Jenny said...

Oh sister! I hear ya! I hate technology. The fewer buttons the better for me. Well, maybe I mispoke. I don't, technically, hate technology. I, technically, hate that I am technology-challenged...always! Good morning!

Laurie said...

I couldn't help but laugh when I read this,Lois, I'm so with you! I couldn't tell you how long it took me to figure out the remotes and the steps to watch a movie. And just when I thought I finally had it, we got a new player! Aargh!

Holly said...

Oh I hear you on the remotes thing! We only have 2 (but it doesn't help that the man of the house likes to leave them in a different place each time so before I can even START to get frustrated pressing buttons I have to find the damn things!)

They do sell universal remotes but they're so expensive so in the meantime I either try myself and a) luck out or b) wait for the man to come help me. Sigh!

Lois said...

I understand Jenny. I don't hate technology either...I just don't always agree with it...or it with me.
Laurie, Please don't say that out loud....I dread the thought of getting a new player.
HOlly, I have been there and done that. Once I spent a few hours looking for the TV remote only to find it wedged in beside the chair cushion. I was not a happy camper.
Thanks to all for dropping by and leaving your comments.