Sunday, February 21, 2010

I wish you a tank full.

A few weeks ago my car broke down at a very busy intersection. It just stopped. I didn't know what to do. I was on my way to meet my daughter Jaime for her doctors appointment. I was going to get to listen to my soon-to-be-born new baby grandson's heart beat. I was so looking forward to that. That was one thing I had never done before. Just imagine listening to a heart that hasn't been born yet. How cool is that? Anyway, I had no way of contacting Jaime to tell her I wouldn't be able to make it. I didn't want her worrying. I had no way of calling CAA or Hubby John for help. What was a poor old lady to do? I didn't know if I should walk the few blocks to the mall to find a phone. I didn't have cash on me but I did have my phone card. I didn't feel comfortable going to any of the nearby houses to ask to use their phone. You just never know what kind of weirdo your dealing with, and why should a stranger not think the same about me? What to do??? Should I just leave my car locked up while I went in search of help? What if the police came while I was gone and had it towed? What if someone hit it? It was a very busy corner with traffic, both car and pedestrians, everywhere. I asked a few people as they walked by if they had a cell phone I could use. Some said no, some ignored me completely. I was very upset because I just did not know what I should do. Then a very nice young man stopped his vehicle. He got out of his SUV, asked if I was OK, asked what happened to my car and then let me use his cell phone to call Hubby John. HJ said he would be there shortly and that he would contact Jaime so she wouldn't be worried about me not showing up at the doctors office. Then the young man positioned his vehicle to be used as a barrier behind mine. He had all kinds of emergency lights flashing, to warn other drivers of a problem. He told me to try to see if I could get my car to start. Back into my car I went. After what seemed like forever but was actually just a few minutes, I was able to get the car started and moved out of traffic. A few minutes later Jaime showed up to make sure I was OK. She couldn't stay or she would have been late. Off she went and a few minutes later Hubby John showed up. He diagnosed the problem as a frozen gas gauge. HJ was driving his work truck and it has a gas can in it that is used for the company generator so he was able to fill up the tank enough to get me moving. The car had enough gas now so that I would still make it in time to the doctors office (2 blocks away) and then home afterwards. I felt so dumb! I knew the gas was low when I left for work that morning. It was Thursday and payday and I had planned on filling up the tank that evening. Now don't get the wrong idea. I am not in the habit of letting the gas in my car get down too low. Sometimes I just forget to check during the week. I have never run out of gas before in the 25 odd years that I have been driving. But like the saying goes...NEVER SAY NEVER! Usually, if the gas indicator light comes on, if I have to, I can drive from my house to work and back again with no problem. This time when the light came on the car just stopped. Anyway, everything turned out OK. I am so thankful to that young man for his help. When it was all said and done and he knew help was on the way, that young man just got back into his vehicle and with a wave of his hand disappeared into the traffic flow. He was my knight in a dirty black SUV but his kindness shone through all that mud. Thank you kind knight wherever you are. I wish you a long life filled with happiness and joy and may your gas tank always be full.


Kimber said...

Just goes to show you that not all SUV drivers are evil, environment-hating people! tee hee

Glad you're okay and that all's well that ended well. I can't believe people ignored your requests for help though. Humph.

Amy. said...

Great post. Glad it all turned out OK!! How was that heartbeat????
I ran out of gas just once. I was on my way to work (BC-before children!) and I was all dressed up heels and all. I was working about 50 minutes away from home and had to travel on country roads. I ended up walking for what seemed like a long, long way to a seedy motel long forgotten except by "undesirables" since the "new highway" went through nearby long ago. The man there in the office got some gas to my car. I was pretty scared after the fact but was greatful at the time to be on my way. I was late to my store and got in trouble for opening late. I was the manager for a chain of clothing stores at the time. Since then I have never let it get close to empty!!
Thanks for the visit and comments at my blog.
I had to tell you that someone else (from Canada) beat you to the Teddy Bear book giveaway by only a few minutes! Sorry. Better luck to you for next time :)