Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Summer's looking good.

Today the office is freezing. My office cohort Sheila,
and myself, are both wearing sweaters and we both keep checking the thermostat to see if it is still working. It is, but Sheila's legs and my toes are still cold. Could it be that we are both getting old? Is this a senior moment for us? We're both too young to have those. Sheila is only 58 and I am the junior at almost 55. THAT'S NOT OLD!!!! Really, when you think about it we are both JUST middle age. Conceivably we both could live to a hundred or more so we each, hopefully, have quite a few more years to go. With that being said, my toes and her legs are both still freezing. I plan on hobbling over to the thermostat one more time and turning up the heat and if my toes haven't fallen off from frost bite I will go out to the kitchen and make myself a nice cup of hot chocolate. If nothing else it will warm up my hands. Sigh.......It's really a shame you know. I like winter. I really do. I like snow. I like the crisp, cold, fresh feeling that you get when you go outside in the winter. I like seeing the snow on the trees and bushes, sparkling and shimmering, making everything look like a winter wonderland in the sunlight or the moonlight. Winter is refreshing and invigorating. Winter renews my spirit. I really do like winter. But today summer's looking really good right now.

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