Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthay Baby Girlz
Thirty two years ago today I was fed up. I had had enough! Yes I was definitely not a happy mommie-to-be. Two weeks of on-again, off-again labour had worn off the "maybe this is it!" glow that I got whenever the labour pains started......again. I was more in the "Ignore it as it's only going to stop again anyways so don't get all hyped up about it" mode. Yep, two weeks of starts and stops had made me a very tired lady. Mind you with dealing with a 3 year old that never stopped, would make anybody tired. Back then we used the term "overly active", now days they use ADD, HDD, and any another "DD" description they can come up with. Anyway, with an active little boy and a Hubby John who put in long hours at work, a house to take care of and snow shovelling to do because HJ was working, I didn't have the time or patience to deal with on again, off again labour. My due date was within a few days and my doctor was not inclined to do anything more than let nature take it's course. That was ok by me but it sure would have been nice to get a full nights sleep without those false pains starting again....and again....and again....
The morning of February 20,1978 I got up with Hubby John and got him off to work. I was in an "on again" labour mode. HJ said he would call later that morning to check on me and off to work he went. Back to bed I went for hopefully another hour or so of sleep. John Vincent was good enough to crawl into bed with the mommie for some quiet morning time until he decided, 20 minutes later that he was hungry. So up we both got and brekkie was served. Around 9:00 that morning I decided I best take a shower, just in case and JV was delegated to answer the phone. HJ was calling on his break to see how I was doing and I didn't want him to worry if I didn't answer. JV did answer the call and told his daddy that mommy was in the bathroom and that the baby was still in her tummy and that mommy said daddy was not to worry. HJ stayed on the phone until I got to it and I assured him that I was OK and would phone if he was needed. All was right in the scheme of things. The day was quiet enough and at 4:30 HJ was home and took me up for my scheduled doctors appointment. Dr. McAdam took a peek and said, "Well Lois, I'll see you tonight at the hospital." I was getting "on again" labour at this point. From the doctors office we drove out to my mom and dads house to pick up my sister who was staying with JV for the week. We picked up her stuff but ended up going out to the school to pick her up as she had stayed for a volley ball game. Home to make supper and wait. While Hubby John ran over to our friends and neighbours, K & G, to ask them to keep an eye on things I got ready to go to the hospital. After 20 minutes or so I phoned over to K&G's to ask them to send HJ home. It was just a little after seven and I was ready to go. Hubby John came home, and with pains now five minutes apart he got me loaded into the car and off we went. At the hospital, I paced back and forth as much as I could before the nurses got all bent out of shape and insisted I lay down before I dropped the baby out on the floor. LOL....they were quite concerned about this happening. At 10:32 I delivered a beautiful baby girl and promptly named her after the Bionic Woman (Jaime)and my mother-by-marriage (Jean). Big brother John Vincent had insisted we call the baby after Jaime Woman on TV. It was one of his favourite shows. So we did. By the time everything was done and over with I was starving and the nurses scrounged me up an egg salad sandwich and a hot cup of tea which I promply ate. Then it was time for new daddy again to go home to bed and the new mommie again to get some much needed sleep.
Welcome to the world our baby girlz....we're so glad that your here.

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tanzi said...

Beautiful! I love how the memories of that day (well...week!) are so vivid in your mind. She was definitely worth the wait! Thanks for making her. :)