Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hop-Scotch and the older generation.

Being a Grams of almost 55 years young, I have come to a stage in my life where there are some things I can't do like I used to. At least not without certain safety guards in place. This evening was Neve night and Hubby John and I went out to Neve's house and had supper with her and John V. and Sarah like we always do. After supper Neve decided that she wanted to play with her new indoor hop-scotch game. It's a cute little thing with foam tiles cut out in the design of a hop-scotch game and it has two foam discs that you throw instead of rocks. HJ decide that Grams should play it with Neve as he was too tired. I was more than happy to play. The good thing was that the squares were very close together and the couch was right beside the squares. That way I had support to get back up without killing my knee caps completely. That was safety guard number one. I did OK with the game until square number seven. Seven hops forward and seven hops back.....think about it ladies.....do the words "occasional incontinence" mean anything to any of you? You get my drift right??? Neve announced that another game was in the plans and Papa agreed that yes, Grams would play again. I stated quietly to HJ that I didn't think I could play another game without wetting myself. At that comment, Neve piped up with, "Well Grams, if you have to go to the bathroom just go"! At that HJ started to laugh as I tried to explain to Neve about old people and bathrooms as I headed in the direction of the nearest one. HJ was good enough to explain to Neve that Grams was too old and tired to play more hop-scotch and by the time I got back they were putting away the game and getting ready to read some books together. If in the future Neve asks me what I need to do to play hop-scotch again I'll just say, "Depends".


Tolentreasures said...

Too cute! My little granddaughter runs for her quilt that is in blocks every time I walk through the door with the words, "Hopscotch, mama"

Gingham Skies said...

Bwah ha ha ha!!