Monday, January 11, 2010

I like winning better!

If you read my post of January 4Th
you know that I entered another
free-give-away contest for a
$15.00 E-Gift certificate redeemable
at Cut Card Stock.
Guess what????
I WON!!!!!
I'm sooooo lucky!!
So, all of you non-believers of the "you don't get something for nothing" venue should start entering the free giveaways. It usually only takes a few minutes, sometimes more, and you don't have a chance to win if you don't enter. You'll have fun trying to win and you'll get to see lots of sites with beautiful things to buy or just look at, that maybe you normally would not go into. It's always interesting to see what's available in cyberspace. There are so many talented people out there. So GO ON AND TRY IT!!! It doesn't cost anything and you just might win. Heck, I enter free-giveaways all the time and no, I don't always win. In fact I loose more times than not. That's not so bad. I don't mind losing.........but I like winning better!

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