Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wait for the fog to settle.

Jeez! I feel like I am thrift-shopped out.....almost....well....not really! LOL!! Don't you just love "after holiday sales" sales? I LOVE EM!! Tonight, while hubby John waited patiently in the car, all alone, out in the cold and dark, I slipped into Michael's just to take a quick look see. much good stuff on sale.....only thirty, forty and fifty cents for things that cost you sixty, seventy or ninety percent MORE just a few weeks ago. The best thing of all is...dare I say it?...GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! With GC's you always have money in your pocket. They are the best!! I got two Michael's GC's for Christmas and just had to go and see what I could get... if anything. Yah right! Like I could walk out of that store without just a little something. hee...hee...hee... For me it's like this.....given a choice of an all-you-can-eat dessert table or a trip to Michael's......hmmm...let me see.... I need to really think about this....NOT!! Michael's will win out any day. So in I went tonight and look what I came out with. I got this lovely box with a magnetic closure on sale at 30% off. Isn't it pretty? I plan on using it for holding my larger sized card and paper stock. This way, my stock stays flat and the edges of the stock are protected. It will look so pretty on the shelf once I get my little corner of the office organized. (this is one of my New Years "hope to do" list items). I also got some rub on transfers, some stick on rhinestones and some Christmas envelopes. Plus a bonus 50% off any regular priced item coupon that I can use on my next thrifting foray. (funky picture frames here I come) So thank you to Jaime for my Christmas gift certificate. I had fun spending it. I have another GC for Michael's from Hubby John and plan on slipping by there again on my way home from work tomorrow night . I want to have another look at the Christmas themed rub-on transfers. I want an hour or so to really look for some more of the good buys. Then poor Hubby John doesn't have to sit all alone in the car in the dark and cold. Of course he could always come in and guard my basket for me...HA! John stop rolling your eyes like that ....they'll get stuck one of these days.....and stop saying what your saying....even if your not saying it out loud. I can tell by the blue fog around your head that you are being very derogatory towards me and Mike's in your unsaid comments. Be nice or I will buy you a GC for a certain store that starts with "M" and ends with "ichaels" for your b-day. Right now though, I am off to take down a few more Christmas decorations and to drool over my fabulously thrifty finds. If only I could get through that darn blue fog a little faster. Oh well, they say that good things come to them that wait. And since tonight I got some really good things I don't mind waiting for the fog to settle.


CutCardStock said...

Hello Lois. I just wanted to let you know that you are the lucky Cut Card $15 gift certificate winner. email me at: and I will send you your gift certificate number.
Also swing by our blog for a freebie we are offering ! Warmly, Norma


Gee Lois, looks like you are a lucky winner again! Then to have two Michael's GC, that has to be lots of fun!!! Can I come help you spend it? LOL

Gingham Skies said...

You are a michaelsoholic and I thank you for passing your frugal genes my way. :)

Amy. said...

I am always amazed at the mark up on prices, and the clearance days only prove it!!! Great job finding treasure.