Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That's gonna leave a mark.

Grrrrrr.......You know....it really makes me mad when I get emails that send blessings my way and ask me to continue the circle and not break it.....and then in little tiny font size at the end of the email, it adds that something bad, evil, not nice, or nasty will happen to me if I break the circle and I don't forward the email.
This really upsets me!!!!
Today I got this email...three times:
THIS IS PRETTY NEAT. 93 % won't forward
A small request. Just one line
Dear God, I pray for the cure of cancer. Amen

I thought that this was a nice little prayer and that anyone who has half a brain would agree with it; even if they are not a person who believes in the power of prayer.
After all how could anyone not want to hope, pray, ask or wish for an end to cancer?
But then I scroll down and I read this:

What the heck???!!!???!!!
Now, why on earth, would I want to send this out to any of my family, friends or anyone else for that matter? Why would anyone forward this on?
This is just rude.
Why would you send a curse to anyone?
What kind of person does this?
This is like saying God (or whomever or whatever it is that you believe in) will get you if you don't pass the prayer on.
It's like saying: "I really like you....
"but only if I am your only friend" or
"but only if you buy me presents and my friendship" or
"but only if you do what I want when I want" or
"but only if you are a Christian or a Jew or a Baptist or a Lutheran, or whatever" .
I do not understand why people have to add that little curse at the end of a perfectly nice email request.
I got an email last week that had a beautiful poem with a wish for my happiness and contentment in my every day life. Nice graphics too! It was a lovely email.
But at the end, yep you guessed it, there was another warning about having something terrible happen if I didn't pass it on.
So, needless to say, I did pass it on....
after I had deleted the dire warnings of terrible consequences.
And something did happen to me that day.........
I won a gift certificate for a contest I had entered online.
So if you are reading this post please do me a favour.
Next time you get one of those emails, please delete the curse and warnings and then forward away! A nice poem, saying, blessing or special thought just might brighten someones day.
If you already do this...GOOD FOR YOU!!!!
You are my kind of person! :)
Oh and by the way, if you don't do what I've asked;
may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.
Ewww.......that's gonna leave a mark!


Gingham Skies said...

Ew is right. Ew to curses and ew to camel fleas.

Laurie said...

I'm with you all the way, and have expressed my feelings so many times to family members who send these. I've written e-mails to those sending them to please, why would you want harm to come to someone you love? Exactly the way you feel. I never get it, and have done the same thing. Eliminate the evil doom and send on the beautiful message insead. You'd think people would get it by now!

Amy. said...

I hate those chain letter type emails too. The threats are so horrible sometimes that they have to make you laugh...or else you will crawl back into bed and worry about the next email to come!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hahahahaha! This thoroughly made my day. I completely, completely agree with you 100%, amen. It never occurred to me to just delete the last few lines. You are a genius!