Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pillow Talk

The problem with weekends is that your internal clock is still on the work day time line.
Unless I am sick, I usually wake up between 6Am and 7Am, seven days a week.
Not fair!
Some weekends I feel lazy and just want to sleep for an extra hour.
That never works.
For the most part I wake up at my regular time.
Today was no exception. I was awake shortly after 6Am but wasn't ready to get out of bed right away. I fluffed my pillow, changed position and closed my eyes.....for about 3 minutes, then opened them knowing I was not going to back to sleep. Hmmm........ I didn't want to get up. I was toasty warm under my blanket and the room was icy cold (furnace turned way down and window open a crack year round) and it wasn't completely light outside so my room was still fairly dark. Mind you, having blinds that are designed to keep out daylight helps too. Anyway, I had the perfect conditions for sleeping except that I was wide awake. What's a girl to do? I was too lazy to turn on the light and grab a book to read. I didn't want to turn on the radio for fear of waking up Hubby John, next door, who had finally stopped coughing and was getting some much needed sleep, and I was feeling too darn lazy to crawl out of my toasty warm bed and officially start my day. Sigh.... But then I heard it.....a tiny little squeak....Baby Cat Oscar.....where was he? Lifting my head without letting cold air get under the blankets, I could just make out his chubby outline at the very bottom end of the bed. Using my best coaxing voice and keeping it to a whisper I called him. "Hey Baby Cat....come see mom!" There was no answer. Hmmm, maybe he was more asleep than I thought. Speaking a bit louder, in order to wake him up, I called out, "Oscar, come here, come on Baby Cat, come see mom." Still no response. I was thinking how nice it must be nice to be able to sleep like the dead. And then I thought... "Oh, no! Maybe he's not sleeping....maybe something has happened to him. Maybe he is sick or.... dead. Eww....not on the bed Baby Cat! So I called loudly this time..."Oscar...come on...come see mom....Baby Cat come here....come see mom... Baby Cat wake up.....NOW! There was no movement from the bottom of the bed so I sat up to crawl down to check him out when I heard it...........the sound of Velcro being ripped open...coming from the hall way.....along with the noise of a cat complaining about being disturbed. That would be Baby Cat Oscar walking up the stairs while complaining that his food dish has not been filled yet. Hmmm.......if Baby Cat is not in my room, then what the heck is on the end of my bed? Dhuh......turns out it was one of my round log pillows.......silly me. I need to start taking my glasses upstairs at night so I can see what I am doing in the morning. Baby Cat Oscar came into my room complaining and sounding like Velcro (his nails will be trimmed today) and crawled up onto the bed and laid down beside me for his morning pets and scratches. I scratched behind his ears, rubbed his belly and, with him purring loudly in my ear, told him all about my day coming up. It was nothing special, just another normal morning, well maybe a bit different with that extra pillow talk.


Marilyn said...

Cute post! Don't ya just love cats? Now, I slept in. 4:15 this morning is when I got up. That is late for me. I've found if I bring a bed time snack for Nicky to bed and give it to him around midnight he sleeps past 3. Cute, cute post. I don't know how many times I've called to the big white rock out by the garage thinking it was Nicky. Ha


ha ha ha, too cute. I have tried to call Aslan in one evening only to discover the white fur over by the creek was actually a paper plate.

Amy. said...

You had me worried about Oscar!! Good story.
Thanks for the visit to my blog....about the "pattern people", yep!I think they made them all look like a size negative 1 back then!! Kind of like paper dolls. And people always complain about Barbie dolls looking anorexic!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awwww, darling story, hahaha. I'm glad Oscar was alive and well, and what sweet kitty to come around for his morning scritches.

Thank you for your sweet message, Lois. :)

Kimber said...

I am killing myself laughing Lois. I can just picture the whole scene, especially your look of horror at the possiblity of having a dead cat in your BED! EWWWW!!!!

As for not being able to go back to sleep, just do what I do: go downstairs, make yourself a coffee (or beverage of choice), and crawl back in bed with a cuppa and a good book. Eating/Drinking in bed is the next best thing to sleeping, in my opinion.