Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Purse Personality

I am at the age in my life where I identify with the character Evelyn Couch played by Kathy Bates, in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. I am, what in my day was known as an "old bag". Too young to be old, too old to be young. But who cares? There is something satisfying in knowing that I am in league with thousands of other women around the world. What's wrong with the word bag? A bag is something useful. It can be decorative, utiltarian, small and simple, plain or fancy, made out of wool, cloth, metal, plastic, leather or even coconuts or hemp. It can be just for show, small enough to hold only your keys, wallet and kleenex or big and bulky and able to hold everything including the kitchen sink. A bag/purse can draw peoples attention and make them look and see and in some cases purses/bags can chnge someones eye envy green! Bags/purses are close to my heart. But I prefer the word PURSE. Say it slowly and let your tongue linger over the "s". Almost mesmerizing isn't it? No??? Well to me it is! I love purses. Who doesn't? Well...maybe not most men, but then again ya never know, right? What I mean is that their lady will look fabulous with the right purse, which will make the lady happy, which in turn will make the man happy so maybe men should get more excited about purses too! I change my purses like some gals change shoes. Now shoes are OK but purses.....SIGH........I could look at them for hours. When Hubby John and I went to China I got to spend a few days at the Silk Market in Beijing looking at, literally, thousands of purses. Of course we looked at other stuff too, but the purses.....Oh My Goodness! Every shape, size and colour in the world could be found there. It was like being in purse heaven for the day.
Insert Here: Sniff, Sniff...BIG SMILE......tears of happy memories glistening in my eyes.
In case you were wondering why I got my mind set on bags and purses for this post, it started this morning. I worked today and it was dead in the office due to the fact that it was Canada Day and no other company in KW town was open. So I took a few extra minutes to read the MSN home page while I had my morning Timmies. I was looking at the page when, (inject surprise and excitement here) I saw an article that stated there were "Purse Personalities". This article, by Jackie Burns, was just my bag....pun intended! I am being completely illegal with this article and have copied and pasted all but the pictures, but come on!......It's purses!......What's an old bag to do? I have added the link here so you can go and see ALL the pictures that go with each personality type. I have added pictures that I shamelessly took from daughter Jaime's, Gingham Skies online store and her blog. By the way, how cool is that? I have a bag/purse maker right in the family! And if you are so inclined and would like to read about a few of the purses that I use for myself you can go here and here . Those posts and pictures will let the cat out of the bag on stuff that I have posted on this simply lovely subject.
So purse-sue the following article and see if you can bag yourself a match to a purse.

Find Out Your Purse Personality
By Jackie Burns
You may not realize it, but your personality is actually shining through your purse selections. The kind of handbag you carry says a lot about the kind of person you are and also what’s important in your life.

Classy Lady
Your choices in life lean on the conservative side and you prefer the comfort of routine over the thrill of the unknown. You gravitate towards black, beige or brown handbags in classic styles that work well with most outfits in your closet. You rarely need to transfer your entire life between handbags because you regularly carry the same time-honoured purse, whether it’s to the office in the morning or out to dinner at night with friends.

Girly Girl
You’re so girly you make Elle Woods look like a tomboy.
Unfortunately, wearing all pink all the time just doesn’t
go over well at the office so you’ve had to transfer your
inner-girl to your extensive purse collection.
You get all weak in the knees for the most feminine of
bags and could easily write a thesis on the difference
between pink, fuchsia, rose and salmon.

Party Princess
Your social calendar rivals that of Paris Hilton’s and
you’re most likely to be found sipping crantinis with
your girlfriends, dancing the night away at the hottest
clubs or enjoying an intimate dinner at a hip fusion
restaurant with your latest arm candy. The smallest,
glitziest of clutches or purses are what compliments
your lifestyle best. They are usually just big enough to
carry your lipstick, keys, cash and cell but what they
lack in size they certainly make up for in dazzle.

Hippy Chick
You’re the laid back one of the group and are always
game for trying new things. You don’t reserve judgement
for others and have an open mind when it comes to your
purse selections as well. While you gravitate towards
earth tones and fringe accents, you may also find yourself
carrying a straw bag, colourful patchwork purse,
or a flower-patterned handbag.

Dramatic Diva
Your personality can be summed up in one word: BIG. If you don’t still harbour a secret desire to
become a Hollywood leading lady then at the very
least you strive to be the centre of every party.
Your personality shines through the various
handbags draped dramatically around your bedroom;
the most unusual of patterns, the brightest of colours
or the trendiest of styles.

So what are you?? A diva, a princess or maybe a hippy chick? Myself? I think I am all of the above! Call me what you will. It don't matter to me because now I'm more than just an old bag! Now I'm an old bag with personality!


goddess in the groove said...

Definitely Hippy Chick :). I need space to for all my paraphenalia :).

Lois, I just finished Dragonfly in Amber, pushed on after your message. OMG...the last chapter was gripping. And now, Jamie is still alive. I am just going to burst if the library does not have my "Voyager" today! :)

P.S. Green Fried Tomatoes is my favorite movie ever.

TattingChic said...

Hi Lois! I am with Goddess In The Groove. I like "Hippy Chick" for you, too! LOL!

Thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog today about my friend's tatting! It was very nice. :)

Gingham Skies said...

Lol! Love the post mom - thanks for including my purssssssssses!

Tolentreasures said...

I love it! I found out that I am a Hippy Chick! Who would have thought from a child(well teenager) from the 70's? I guess i should have known, those fringed moccasins were my favorite shoes and I still wish that I had those patched up jeans...and could fit in them!
Great post!

flossy-p said...

I love bags. I highly doubt you're an old bag, but even so I do love them.

Sadly I neglect my purses a little too much. I can just never find ones that reflect my personality, but bags?! Well, they're unstoppable. :D