Friday, May 15, 2009

I feel ill.

I feel ill.
I just came home from a 10 day vacation in Salvo, North Carolina in the USA.
We (8 adults & 1 cutie patootie) rented a beautiful house on the seashore.
We drove down in 2 vehicles and the roads and traffic both there and back were good with no mishaps along the way.
The states we drove through were so pretty and the people we had contact with in all the states were friendly and helpful.
The rest stops along the Interstate highways were always clean.
I must say that Virginia takes my breath away as does Pennsylvania.
The mountains were......well lets just say I couldn't get enough of them.
The further south we drove the more sunshine and warm weather we had.
Just watching the colours turn from drab browns to greens then to a riot of colours as the flowers and blooming plants became more frequent was really good to see.
By the time we reached North Carolina it was hot enough that we had the air conditioning on in the van and we were ready for shorts, tank tops and sandals.
The time we spent in NC was so relaxing and fun. The people of that state are so laid back and friendly. Always eager to help if they think we needed it.
The weather was perfect....the sun shone most of the time.
Most of us got sunburned even with wearing sun screen.
The water was warm...we spent one morning playing in the waves in the ocean and one afternoon in the quieter bay side of the ocean.
The wind was always there...sometimes just a pleasant breeze...most times blowing hard enough that we propped open the doors to keep them from slamming shut.
The wind was great for sleeping at night because it was cool but there were also no mosquito's.
One of us, not me, slept out in the screened porch most of the week. She loved it!
During the day and evenings we walked along the beach collecting shells and enjoying the ocean view. We played games, read, shopped and just enjoyed each others company for the week.
Sometimes we did nothing but stare at the ocean.
One evening we went over to Avon and got our crabs at Dirty Dicks and afterwards we stopped for dessert at the DQ.
Another evening we watched people fishing off the pier in Avon. Someone caught a fish that looked like a stingray but it wasn't one. I think it was called a skype. I could be wrong on the name and/or the spelling though.
Anyway the vacation wasn't good......... it was GREAT!
We got home Sunday afternoon and I had Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off.
I worked Thursday and that just about killed me.
Today is Friday which I had off because I am only working four day weeks now. Also because this is my four day week and because it is a Federal holiday on Monday it works out that I won't go into work until Wednesday of next week.
That sucks big time! Man, I don't know if I can handle working for a living anymore!
I feel ill just thinking about it.

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Laurie said...

O.K. Lois, The trip sounds lovely. But there is one line in there that made me choke I laughed so hard! Read through, I'm sure you'll find it. Am I perverted? No not at all. It just struck me so funny!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really enjoy yours!