Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cranky Pants Again

I don't believe what I just did!
I deleted my "Blogs that make me go Ohhh...." list.
No, I didn't do it on purpose!
All I wanted to do was take Jaime's old blog "Jabbering Jaime" out of the listing as she has had a NEW BLOG called Gingham Skies since February and it made no sense keeping the old one in my list. So reluctantly I went and deleted it......or so I thought. But instead of deleting just that one blog I somehow deleted them all!
I only did what this stupid machine told me to do.
Arrrgghh.......I HATE COMPUTERS!
It has taken me forever to get my list just the way I wanted it. I even had the names of the blogger beside the name of the blog so I could know who I was leaving a comment to when I went and read their blog. That made it a little more personal for me and for them (I like to think so anyway). I worked really hard on compiling that list.
I am soooooo mad!
(INSERT gnashing of teeth here along with a LOT of BAD WORDS of your choosing as I have probably said or thought them all plus a few that I made up in the heat of the moment!!!)
I have to go now. I need to try and get my list of favourite blogs invented all over again and that is going to take a while.
If you don't hear from me please contact my Hubby John. Ask him to make sure I am not slumped over the computer in a faint, weak from lack of hunger or so dehydrated that I cannot lift a finger to signal him...........
P.S. This definitely has made me a Cranky Pants again!


Gingham Skies said...

Ohhhhh mom that's BRUTAL!! Sorry to hear that my blog move caused such stress. Boooo. :(

Marilyn Miller said...

Hi Lois,
Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart. Of course I will include you in the drawing. The last drawing was won by someone in Norway. Such fun making friends here in blogland.

handmaiden said...

that's not good! and yes lois i think using someones name is more personal