Sunday, April 05, 2009

I'm worn out.

My four year old cutie-patootie Neve is all girl. She loves "doing" her hair and wants to wear skirts and dresses whenever possible. She is very concerned about the possibility of being mistaken for a boy (Heaven forbid that should ever happen!) so she wants to have her hair left long and not cut short. She likes to play princess dress-up, have her nails and toenails painted and wants to wear lip gloss (she is only allowed to wear Burt's Bees lip moisturizer as it is all natural). She loves going to ballet class, wearing her body suit....her new one is pink with hose and a little pink swirly skirt that moves "just so" when she twirls around. Neve plays with her dollies and her little kitchen and has a jewellery box that plays music and has a ballerina that dances when the lid opens. She likes to wear her beads and bangles and hair clips.....lots and lots of hair clips. She has Polly Pockets to play with and watches Hanna Montana because HM dresses appropriately, has manners and the show always has a good story line that teaches children positive behaviour. Neve's mom and dad say that HM is a good role model for young girls. Neve likes to have tea parties with her stuffed bunnies, kitties, bears and dogs and likes to play in her pink princess castle. She does have some toy cars, a garage and a carpet that looks like a village with streets on it that she plays with as well. But for the most part Neve is ALL girl who loves playing with her "Girl Stuff".
Today Hubby John and I spent the afternoon with old friends. We hadn't seen them for awhile and they had invited us over for the afternoon and to stay for dinner. While at Ginny and Carl's we caught up on all the family news and bits and pieces that happened since we last spoke to each other. They have two grandsons, aged three and a half and one and a half , that joined us along with their mommy and daddy for our visit. C & G's grandsons are definitely "ALL Boy"! We gave each of the boys an age appropriate toy. Xavier is the older and we gave him a police car that makes noise with its siren, has a flashing light and falls apart when it hits anything. Devon, the younger one got a little track that has two little soft cars, just the right size for his little hands, that drive away when you push a big button at the starting area. Both boys were thrilled with their new possessions. Both played with their cars the whole afternoon and each wanted the cars on the table or on their chair during dinner. Zoom, zoom, zoom, crash, crash, crash! Down the hallway, under the table and through the kitchen. I got tired just watching them. They were so cute to watch and they were so busy with those cars. They were loud and rambunctious and their energy level never wavered. It was high gear from the time they got there to the time they left for home. They were defiantly all "Boy" and loved their "Boy" toys.
I think there is a difference between boys and girls. I think Neve is quieter......sometimes. I think her energy level is not as high....sometimes. Hmmmm....could it be that I am wrong on this? Without having a boy and a girl to study on a regular basis I don't think I can make a true assessment.
Girl or boy. Boy or Girl. Blue or Pink. Pink or blue. At this age it really doesn't matter. What it really boils down to is that I am getting to old for this....and I'm only fifty something. Whew!!! They really did a number on this old lady. I need to go to bed now. All that energy has worn me out.

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Tolentreasures said...

How adorable your granddaughter is! Coming from two boys and a girl grandchildren, the boys surely wear me out more than that little girl does. Their minds just work different. Love them all though!