Saturday, April 04, 2009

Enjoy your weekend!

It is Saturday morning and I am still in my jammies.
I was reading through my emails when I saw that Carolyn had sent me a video from you-tube. Carolyn is sort of related by marriage. She just happens to be my cutie-patooties grandma on her mommies side. Neve calls her Nittie, Sarah and JV call her mom and I call her a dear friend.
The video she emailed to me is from the old Carol Burnett show which I used to watch every week way back when. I loved that show. Sigh..... I really miss that show...... Anyway, what a wonderful way to start my day and my weekend. What could be better than laughter and a smile to get me going for the day? I thought I would share it with you too so click on the link, turn up the sound and get ready to laugh! Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe and take care. Tim Conway and the Elephant Story.

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handmaiden said...

Lois, I used to love watchinf the carol Burnett show with y brings back memories