Monday, April 06, 2009

My day off.

Today is one of my long weekend days. I don't have to go back to work until tomorrow. Lucky me!! : )
I am taking a break from the housework that I am "suppose" to be doing to quickly check some of my "Blogs that make me go Ohhhh". I have Baby Cat Oscar sleeping and snoring on my foot. But that's OK as the house is cool because I turned down the heat. My toes were cold when I sat down but Baby Cat is making them all warm and toasty. It's good to know the little food hog is good for something besides eating and complaining about an almost empty dish! LOL! Just kidding.....BC is my little"purr ball". All I need to do is look at him and he starts to purr. He's a good cat, as far as cats go. Anyway, I straightened up the front part of the house, more or less, well mostly less if I am being honest with myself. I puttered around with all the stuff that gets stuffed into the china cabinet and sorted out and put most of it away where it belongs. I debated about putting the jug of vinegar back downstairs under the laundry tub or leaving it up in the pantry in the kitchen. It is a big bottle and takes up space that I really don't have in my pantry. I don't know why I keep it under the laundry tub. I just always have. Weird huh?
Anyway I decided to try leaving it in the pantry to see how it goes. Maybe I just need to do it and get used to it being there. We'll see if it stays there or not. I am thinking that I need to go to the bank and then to a store to buy a curtain rod for the basement window. I have been trying all weekend to do that and I just keep forgetting. I went to three different stores on Saturday and I came out without a rod each time. How frustrating is that? Very!
I also need to get drop in and get my car E Tested today as my licence renewal is up this month. What a government money grab that is. Just one more thing they can tax us on. Grrrrrr.......
Hubby John only has a job or two that he is needs to do today and then he is mine for the rest of the afternoon so I better get my butt in gear and get moving. I'm feeling rather lazy and poky today so I am only making hot dogs for lunch. They're fast and easy. Then me and HJ are off to do what needs to be done. I just hope I don't forget that curtain rod again!

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