Sunday, April 12, 2009

Go Check Out Joyce

Joyce at Pattern and Perspectives has a contest going for a free give-a-way. Why not go over and check it out? Joyce has some things from SarahJane Studio's that she is giving away. I copied this picture from Joyce's blog. I hope that is OK.
I really like her blog. I must admit I poked around a bit and checked out
some of her older posts. Lots of eye candy........some very neat designs on almost everything.....wearable, non wearable, organic, usable.... all kinds of designs to look at and just some neat pics. Check out the cherry tree pictures her dad took in pretty! Joyce, it seems, also likes to share her sources. What a NICE LADY! I have added her blog to my list of "Blogs That Make Me Go Oooooo". I will be back time and again to visit her until she gets tired of me. Could that possibly happen?!?!?!? LOL! I hope not! Anywho.....go and give Joyce a look see. You'll be glad you did!