Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Birthday to my Hubby John.
I hope you have a great day. I have no doubt that you will.
Last night while we were asleep, the Easter bunny made her rounds. When the family gets here they will find all kinds of sweet treats to munch on. My cutie-patootie Neve will find a basket filled with some bunnie cookies, children's music CD's, stickers, a princess writing pad and pen, some new Pooh magnets, a packet of dried mango, gummie bears, a candy necklace and a few kinder surprise eggs.
The sun is shinning and the weather is suppose to stay nice for the day. Hubby John and I will move the cars to the end of the lane so cutie-patootie can ride her bike. The chalk is ready for making pictures on the sidewalk. The bucket of bubbles are all ready to go. I am sure that Aunt Jamie and Uncle Mike will take full advantage of their spoiling privileges. Well, grams and papa too! Great grandma will be here and might even blow a few bubbles. Ya never know...especially with my!
I think that John Vincent and maybe Hubby John too, at least some of the time, might just keep an eye or two on the TV today. Who will win the Masters? I think maybe there might be a few surprises on that course today. I also think that the Easter bunny will be very far away from all those golf balls flying overhead. Too bad they don't dye the golf balls in different colours for today. That would be a fun thing to see wouldn't it?
Back at our house the eggs are boiled and are waiting for Neve and Papa to colour them. That is one of their jobs today!
Papa's birthday cake is ready and waiting to be decorated. Neve and Aunt Jaime and Sarah will will need to do that job. Chocolate birthday cake will take care of dessert along with Long John's, chocolate brownies, lemon meringue tarts and some chocolate mousse. Something for everyone.
Hubby John will barbecue chicken, pork and steak. There will be a lettuce salad, asparagus, carrots and corn, pyrohys (perogies)with sour cream, Easter bread, schveetly (sp?)(beet & horseradish relish), and roasted potatoes. Jaime is bringing a broccoli salad and Sarah her sweet potatoes. Doesn't it sound so yummy? Oh my goodness, I feel stuffed already!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and that it keeps you hopping at the exact speed you like to move in. So HAPPY EASTER everyone and by the way, the curtains are up and they look great!

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