Friday, April 10, 2009

A Blessed Good Friday!

I believe in God and the story of Easter. It doesn't matter to me what your beliefs are. I only know that I believe in good and evil and God and the devil and angels. Oh, I do believe in angels with all my heart and soul. I don't judge people for their religious beliefs. Whom am I to cast the first stone and say your wrong not to believe in my God? Normally I don't bring religion up. It causes too many arguments that can never be won. More wars have been fought and lost because of religion. With that being said, no matter how I try to make this post a non-religious based one, it will automatically be that, because of the subject matter.
It cannot be helped. It is what it is.
What does one say when it's Good Friday? I know you can say Happy Easter on Easter Sunday. But somehow it seems just wrong to say Happy Good Friday. After all no matter what religion you do or don't believe in, Good Friday is recognized as the day that a man died. Regardless of whether he was the Son of God or just the son of a carpenter, history records that there was a crucifixion.
We know it was a man that was crucified because women weren't killed that way. Women were killed by stoning. It was thought to be a faster and less painful way to die in that the woman was dead in a shorter period of time. Women were considered to be childlike, stupid, male owned chattel that were only good for breeding, baking and working twenty-four-seven. Apparently they had no brains. Oh yeah, women were also considered 100% replaceable. It was thought that women were gentle creatures who would not be able to tolerate death by crucifixion. And besides, what kind of dishonorable man would condemn a woman to that type of death? Not any man that was worth his weight in salt...which had to be ground by women, by the way. No, when it came to killing a woman, stones were definitely the weapon of choice. Cheap, easily accessible, reusable and a much gentler way for the women to die. How kind of the men to think of the woman's comfort in her hour of need.
But I digress. As I was saying, it was a male who died. The death of the man that was crucified, would have been a very slow and agonizing one. This point is irrefutable. I am sure his friends and family cried for mercy and mourned him when he died. He was one of their own so why wouldn't they? People were the same back then as they are today. The death of any human brings sorrow to those left living.
Regardless of the reason for the crucifixion, whether it was because of his religious beliefs or because of the political unrest at the time, a man died.
With the knowledge that this terrible thing happened, how then can we wish each other a Happy Good Friday?
I can't.
So instead I will wish you all a Blessed Good Friday and I will ask the God that I believe in to give you His peace and blessings.

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