Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is....what i'm surprised i like' (cause it's good to get a nice surprise)

This weeks "this is" was a very hard one for me.
At my age there isn't much that make me say..."This is what i'm surprised i like' (cause it's good to get a nice surprise)". Hmmmm......I think I will stop now (it is 10:30 AM on Oct.26), go out for brekkie with Hubby John, my cutie-patootie Neve, John V & Sarah and think on this subject. So here I am signing off with a big CHOW! (Get it? Chow in Italian with the correct spelling is "so long for now" and chow also means "food". I love being clever this early in the morning!)
Well it's one day later and I am back. Sunday brekkie was very good and Sunday day was busy for me. Sunday evening our power was out for an hour or so. By the time it came back on I was too tired last night to blog anything. But now I am eating my lunch and am ready to blog away.I have been thinking about this weeks "This Is' post since last Thursday and I keep going back to the same thing so I might as well stick with that. So here I go again........
This is what' i'm surprised i like...CERAMICS.
Hubby John signed us up for a ceramics class about a thousand years ago. At the time I thought he was nuts! Grrrr..I hate it when he's right and I'm wrong. I really thought it would be a stupid waste of my time. Boy was I wrong. Hubby John stopped going a few years ago when his rotator cuff got torn and he couldn't do the brush movements anymore. I stayed on. I love doing ceramics. I am good at it. I find it very relaxing. Judy, our teacher, is great at what she does and she has been doing it for a very long time. Our class has been together for a few years now. We are down to just three of us plus Judy and we yak, talk, eat, drink and have a merry old time every week.'s what I do and what I like.

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