Wednesday, October 29, 2008


How surprised was I when I looked out the window this morning?
Sometime during the night snow fell.
I am not impressed. I am not ready for snow.
Yes, I have my winter gloves. Yes, I also have a pair of mittens. Yes, I have my new winter boots. Yes, I have a winter coat. Yes, I have a hot-tub wool hat ready to wear when needed. (My head always gets cold when sitting in the hot tub so I wear a wool hat.) Yes, I have ice melt, snow shovels and ice scrappers. Still, I am not ready for snow. I want my summer, which I really didn't have, back. Don't get me wrong. I like snow. I like winter. I'm just not ready for it yet.


Kitty said...

oooh it doesn't snow where I live, you have to drive a few hours inland for snow.
thanks for your comments.
a lamington is a cube of sponge cake with a light coating of chocolate icing & covered in coconut flakes, sometimes there is jam in the middle.
& googy eggs are just how my family call eggs, because when boiled their yokes are googy. Nobody else understands either. My family is very silly.

goddess in the groove said...

Thank you for walking into my life (blog :)..). It is a pleasure to meet you!
SNOW!!! I miss my snow...and am jealous. The magic of waking up to a white wonderland. Snow makes everything beautiful, no matter what is under it :). Fits my philosophy of life right now!!

handmaiden said...

not strawberry weather!!

Anonymous said...
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