Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is my current reading material

A special thanks to Miss K at Champagne Dreams for this weeks theme
of,"This is my current reading material." At last the last 3 crazy hectic months are done with and I can breath deeply, sleep in (when my body clock gets back on a normal schedule) and read something besides customers orders. This past Wednesday at lunch I headed over to Talize, a good second hand store that is nearby. While there I bought some neat craft ribbon that I found and a few books that looked interesting. One of the books I bought and that I am currently reading is called, Wild Swans, Three daughters of China. It is written by Jung Chang and won the 1992 NCR book award and the 1993 British Book of The Year award. The book is an autobiographical family history. It is the story of Jung's grandmother, her mother and herself. The historical events in the book are eye opening. I find the descriptions about 20Th century Chinese every day/common events and culture fascinating. I have only read about one quarter of the book and am liking it very much. On what I have read so far I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading historical fact, not only political fact but things about everyday people and how they lived, worked and played. Of course anybody interested in Chinese culture will be sure to like this book also.


tammy vitale said...

I just finished "Cost" about what drug addiction does to families (thanks goodness Son has finally gotten himself clean and sober), "The Good Good Pig" which is charming and very well written, and "Ink Exchange" (aimed at teens/twenties but well written and good for anyone interested in fantasy) by an author who also happens to collect my work - so of course I collect hers!

tanzi said...

Yay! You're back in blog world. :)
Sounds like a good book. I can't wait to have time to read over C-mas ( I can't believe I just said that--is should be further away!) to catch up on some reading! I'm growing tired of reading books that I may have to teach--I just want to read for pleasure!
Anyway, you may enjoy Wayson Choy's books, too. My sister Kim really loves his work and did some writing workshops with him. He is Chinese-Canadian and wrote The Jade Peony and Family Matters.
Thanks for the good wishes and cold cure suggestions. I'm feeling a fair bit better. And please tell Mr. S that I'm flattered he wants to read my babbling! I'd have thought that putting up with one 30-something teacher's babbling would be enough...guess he's in for more. xoxoxo

Kimber said...

I LOVED this book! I have hardly found anyone else who has read it. It was the first book that ever taught me how to pronounce Chinese names (like Jiang and Xiang) correctly. I know you will enjoy it!