Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forever and Always No Matter What!

For the last twelve weeks, at least, life at our house has been upside down and turned around! Lots of hours banked at work and lots of stuff going on in our home life. New houses being built for John Vincent, Sarah and Neve, teachers college started for Jaime and lots of travelling here there and everywhere for Mike. Fundraisers attended for Benjamin and a benefit dance that had to be organized. A major illness with my mother to deal with too. House repairs and redecorating got started and is still happening. A fiesta reunion with family and friends that attended Mike and Jaime's Mexican wedding was held at our home and there was a university graduation to attend also. I was so busy that I forgot my own anniversary. Hubby John had a beautiful bouquet of flowers sent to me at work and was kind enough to only tease me a little bit about my forgetfulness. Shows how busy my mind has been. Sometimes it felt overwhelming. This was a wet summer with all the tears that have been shed. Thank God for really supportive family and friends. They were and continue to be a tremendous support group for us. Yesterday as we ate lunch outside under a beautiful Indian summer sun, Hubby John commented on how our summer was gone already and that because of having such a busy schedule we didn't get a chance to really enjoy it. Yes, we did get away for a week in September to the beach and had a grand time with the cutie-patootie Neve. It could have snowed that whole week and it wouldn't have mattered as all that counted was that we were with her. We also got a extra long weekend at the end of July and again were able to spend time with Neve. It's too bad that all of our gang could not have taken time off work to go to the beach. As it was we got one day with son John Vincent & Neve and one day with daughter Jaime and Neve. Unfortunately Sarah(JV) and Mike (J) could not join us so that was a bit of a bummer! It is really hard to get the whole gang together. I told Hubby John not to worry. Another summer would be here before we knew it and we still had lots to do around the house to get us through the upcoming winter season. I am done for the time being with extra hours at work and fund-raisers and am looking forward to spending time with my little pieces of the world, Hubby John, Neve, John, Sarah, Jaime and Mike. I've missed all of them this summer and am looking for some quality quiet time with them over the next few months. They are all, each one of them, my heart light and I love them all. Forever and always no matter what!

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Jaime said...

It was a bit of a hectic summer wasn't it mom? I can't believe it's over already - how time flies. I too was thinking about the fact that we haven't had much time together in the last couple months. We need to start planning out Girls Nights Out again, even if it's just a coffee and a wander through Michael's. Maybe a walk through RIM park on Sunday? :)